EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. Recommends Back-to-School Eye Exams for Increased Student Success

NORTH LIMA, Ohio, July 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Even as summer gets underway, EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. would like to stress the importance of scheduling a back-to-school eye exam. In doing so, adults in college and parents of school-aged children can help ensure continued optimal vision, which is crucial for success in school at any grade level.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) runs a Ready for School campaign promoting back-to-school eye exams as one of the keys to academic success. The benefits of receiving an annual eye exam are many, especially with the prevalence of technology that provides a more accurate diagnosis.

The American Optometric Association reminds students and parents that eye strain is more of an issue than ever. This is due to increased use of computers and digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. While these technologies have enhanced learning, time spent in front of monitors and touch screens may be dangerous to eye health.

The AOA points out that the long-term effects of device-related eye strain are currently unknown. The frequent use of this technology is still a fairly new development. Today’s young students are in front of some type of digital device for three hours or more per day. Some students use these devices for far longer, such as when researching or working on papers.

An annual optometry exam can help to catch eye health issues before they progress and are more readily treatable. The professionals at North Lima Optometrist EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. also recommend that students use what’s called the 20/20/20 rule. This technique involves looking away from the screen and focusing on an object 20 feet away, every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds. Doing so gives the eyes a much-needed rest and can help reduce the cumulative effects of eye strain. Blinking frequently and optimal device placement can also contribute to better health.

North Lima Optometrist EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. offers comprehensive eye consultations and evaluations. They can also fit clients with brand new glasses frames or contact lenses with the ideal prescription. EyeCare & Vision Therapy Ctr. also offers sports vision and vision therapy services.

Dr. Joseph M. Pederzolli explains, “A comprehensive annual eye exam before the school year can find and address eye issues before they become major. While eye screenings are offered in some schools, these tend to only test only for distance visual acuity. Our comprehensive exams ensure total eye health and function for effective reading and comprehension.”

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