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LINDENHURST, Ill., July 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TMJ and cranial work with a whole-body approach offers patients mitigation of cranial-related issues and pairs well with other dental treatments, reports Natural Care Chiropractor Dr. Mark Freund. This Lindenhurst chiropractic clinic involves structures beyond the jaw in its treatment of TMJ and cranial-related issues. A few of such issues include migraines, vertigo and neck pain. Natural Care Chiropractic is the only one of its kind in the Chicago and surrounding area using upper cervical and cranial protocols to treat TMJ. TMJ cranial work at Natural Care Chiropractic involves subtle manipulations of the jaw, skull and vertebrae to afford patients a measure of relief naturally.

Dr. Freund explores various avenues of application of techniques and one of his approaches involves working with dental professionals to correct the body’s structural problems. Dr. Freund will consult with a patient’s dental professional to work together to address significant issues such as TMJ and cranial-related problems.

TMJ disorder involves chronic or acute inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, where the mandible connects with the skull. Trauma, teeth grinding and degenerative joint diseases are only a few of the common causes of the condition. Poor posture and back problems can also lead to TMJ. Chiropractic care can be useful in treatments for pain and misalignments in the body. Cranial manipulation can adjust the joint, relax the muscles and reposition the jaw with the use of trigger points. A thorough assessment of a patient’s conditions and involvement of their dentist can provide the information necessary to begin a specialized treatment program to address the root causes of a patient’s TMJ and other related conditions.

“Chiropractic care has been found to be useful in cases of TMJ and other related conditions,” said Dr. Mark Freund. “As an experienced chiropractor serving the North Chicago and Southeastern Wisconsin areas, I apply subtle manipulations in specific areas and use complementary techniques to realign the spine and related structures, reduce muscle tension, and help decrease pain and reduce the frequency and intensity of TMJ-related conditions. Treatment programs depend on the cause of the TMJ. Some patients report relief after their first few chiropractic treatments. We work with your dental professional to understand the entire history of a patient. Many find chiropractic care a welcome alternative producing significant pain relief naturally.”

Dr. Freund of Natural Care Chiropractic has served residents of Lindenhurst, Lake Forest, Gurnee and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Their staff offers patients non-invasive pain management dedicated to whole body wellness. The services offered include atlas orthogonal, manual therapy, physical therapy, dental co-treatment, trigger point therapy, acupuncture and nutritional counseling. Chiropractic treatments can help patients manage and address many conditions without unnecessary medications.

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