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CCTV Script 25/05/16

– This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on May 25, Wednesday.

Welcome to CNBC Business Daily, I'm Qian Chen.

China has replaced the United States as the country that offers the most opportunities to food and beverages exports, according to a study by the IESE Business School and Deloitte consulting.

The report, entitled "Vademecum on Food and Beverage Markets 2016", analyzes the markets offering the greatest export and business opportunities to the companies in the sector and identifies which are the most attractive ones.

All of the indicators gather data from 2015, derived from a variety of sources. GDP per capita and population come from the IMF. The middle class is defined according to the annual disposable household income in the bracket between $15,000 (PPP) and $100,000 (PPP). This indicator, along with the analysis of how much they spend (consumer expenditure) and how much they import, was developed based on figures from Euromonitor International.

In this sense, China ranks first in the Attractiveness Index because it is the country with the largest population, with the largest middle class in the world, and with the best growth prospects regarding future spending.

In addition, the report states, China has cities that are so populated that they are similar to some countries' markets. Shanghai alone, has 23 million inhabitants.

The United States, which ranked second, is one of the largest importers of food and beverages in the world. It is also the third country with the largest population, and one of the top ten countries with the most secure and flexible framework for business and export.

Germany, which ranked third, is notable for its level of spending on food and beverage imports and the clear growth of its middle class, which currently represent more than 82% of the country's households.

China has become the most important export market in the world for bakery products and cereals, while the United States is the most important export market for fish, fruits, and vegetables. Japan imports the most meat, and India buys oil and sugar products.

CNBC's Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.

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