BroadVision Releases Productivity and Worker Engagement Infographic

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:BVSN), a leading provider of business collaboration and engagement solutions, today announced the release of an infographic depicting the productivity reality facing today’s organizations. The infographic pulls data from multiple sources and highlights challenges from communication to collaboration to management’s frustrations with how workflow is being stifled by current workplace tools and practices.

The infographic explores six central themes impacting workplace productivity. Themes include:

  • Poor Communication
  • Email Pain
  • Time Wasted Looking for Information
  • Social Collaboration
  • Engagement and Corporate Culture
  • Knowledge Deficit

People go to work every day, but are they as productive as they could be? The data says no. From academic research to studies done by leading consulting organizations, the numbers paint a frustrating story.

“At BroadVision, we are committed to developing solutions that increase productivity through improvements in communication and collaboration that take fragmented information and turn it into valuable corporate knowledge," said Dr. Pehong Chen, President and CEO of BroadVision. “We are excited to release, “Productivity and Worker Engagement in the Modern Workplace”, bringing further awareness to the challenges facing organizations of all sizes.” Dr. Chen continued, “You will see in the infographic, billions of dollars are being wasted each year because of inefficient tools and the way people work. In one platform, we have built Vmoso to address each of these challenges.”

The “Productivity and Worker Engagement in the Modern Workplace” infographic is based on data and research culled from surveys, consultant and academic research.

“Productivity and Worker Engagement in the Modern Workplace”

About BroadVision

Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision (NASDAQ:BVSN) provides e-business solutions that enable the enterprise and its employees, partners, and customers to stay actively engaged, socially connected, and universally organized to achieve greater business results. BroadVision® solutions—including Vmoso for unified business collaboration and engagement, and Clearvale for enterprise social networking—are available globally in the cloud via the Web and mobile applications. Visit for more details.

About Vmoso

Vmoso is a cloud application for conducting virtual enterprise communication, mobile workgroup collaboration, and social business engagement. It unifies five workplace activities in one platform: email, instant messaging, content sharing, workflow, and social networking. It creates persistent corporate knowledge by empowering users and their extended organizations to communicate and collaborate whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose; allowing for greater productivity in less time and at much lower cost.

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