High Emotion Audio Labs set to monetize patent portfolio through Adapt IP Ventures

RALEIGH, N.C. and NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- High Emotion Audio Labs (http://www.highemotionaudiolabs.com/) is announcing the availability of its suite of audio-related intellectual property. High Emotion is seeking companies interested in building partnerships focused on improving audio quality and user experience within home audio, automotive, conference centers, assisted living facilities, etc. Adapt IP Ventures will be managing the marketing efforts.

High Emotion has spent the last 10+ years developing and patenting significant improvements to the fields of audio processing and speaker design, focusing on generating a significantly higher emotional experience to listeners. Among other things, High Emotion’s technology allows for the rapid and authentic acquisition of timbre for effective stimulation of the emotional centers of the brain, transporting listeners to a virtual equivalent of the live event. Further, High Emotion has been deploying the technology and systems in numerous assisted living homes as High Emotion has focused on the simple goal of improving quality of life in assisted living facilities by improving the ability for residents to hear, interact and communicate.

“After numerous interactions with the inventor, a pioneer in music technology, we anticipate numerous markets to see the value in what High Emotion has developed, clearly returning an emotional connection to engaging with music through their patented technology,” stated Grant Moss from Adapt IP. “To expand the availability of its technology, High Emotion is seeking partnerships with consumer electronics companies, automotive companies and audio-focused software and app companies who can further commercialize its patented technology.”

The following assets are available for business development consideration:

  • Patents: 17 US patents, 10 US applications, numerous foreign patents and 2 US design patents
  • Trademarks: High Emotion Audio, Euphonic Harmonic and Fastwoofer, among several others
  • Domain Names: Numerous domain names including highemotionaudio.com, highemotion.com, truthintimbre.com, fastwoofers.com, nearfieldacoustics.com
  • Technology: High Emotion has developed prototypes and produced tested versions corresponding to many of their underlying patents
  • Trade Secrets / Knowhow / Personnel: Decades of combined experience, testing data, underlying research studies, manufacturing partners and business development discussions
  • Technical areas of Focus: Audio Processing, Speaker Design and Hardware, 3D Earphones and Earbud / Hearing Aid Equalization

“High Emotion has not only dramatically improved the quality and user experience of engaging with audio technology, it has protected its innovations along the way. The combination of a strong patent portfolio with existing technology makes the High Emotion opportunity attractive to a variety of industries and potential partners,” further commented Grant Moss. Companies interested in receiving more information on the High Emotion patent portfolio are encouraged to contact Grant Moss directly at grant@adaptipventures.com.

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