Here's how Saira Malik, up 20% this year, picks stocks

Saira Malik, who heads global equity portfolio management at TIAA Global Asset Management, a retirement fund with more than $860 billion in assets, sat down with CNBC's Mike Santoli for an in-depth interview on stock selection, portfolio management and developing long-term strategies.

"What we're trying to do is take out some of the macro risk, by trying to get rid of those factors that can really sway portfolios," said Malik, pointing to the Brexit vote as an example of when investors overreact to headlines and sell too soon.

"We're trying to make portfolios where we can see through that kind of noise, stick to our investment thesis and own those companies throughout those periods of volatility, because we know that those companies have strong fundamentals," she added.

During the interview, Malik shares her investment thesis behind her stock picks for CNBC PRO's "Platinum Portfolio" competition, which have placed her in first place, up more than 20 percent this year. Other topics include:

  • How to navigate the volatility in the market.
  • Emerging markets and how to value them.
  • Her thoughts on Apple and what the tech behemoth needs to advance.
  • Her picks for the second half of the year, and why she chose those names.

PRO subscribers can also read the entire transcript of the exclusive interview below.