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Netflix might get a lot of flack for its whole-season release model, but that was always the plan for its first original "House of Cards."

Dana Brunetti, executive producer of the award-winning original, told CNBC that the show's production perfectly aligned with Netflix's plan to change movie streaming.

"When [Netflix] came and said they wanted to release all 13 episodes in one shot, we're like, 'That's great,' because we had already approached it like a big, long feature movie," Brunetti said.

Netflix has helped bring blockbuster movies and some of America's favorite television shows to their subscribers' living rooms, laptops and smartphones without the hassle of advertisements. "House of Cards" has been one of the many shows to benefit from the company's success and the viewers' need for content.

Many people criticized the way "House of Cards" was released and how Netflix encouraged viewers to binge-watch shows. "It would have happened anyway," Brunetti said. "I think we helped accelerate it."

David Giesbrecht | Netflix

Binge-watching has completely altered the way viewers consume media and the way media companies distribute their content.

Although Netflix does not release its viewership data, Brunetti said that "House of Cards" and Netflix originals had a huge impact on gaining subscribers for the company.

A 2015 study by Syracuse University showed that a viewer's ability to binge-watch a television series is dependent on the show's story line. Although the Netflix platform distributes the show to millions, the success of "House of Cards" can be attributed to its compelling and provocative nature.

"If it's a great series, it's a great series. The social conversation might help get people to come next week, but who cares?" Brunetti said.

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