Dollars and Sense: The Companies that Should be on Your Watch List

On today's Halftime Report value investor Jim Lebenthal discusses three names that he believes provides safety, are cheap, and give you yield.

Dollars & Sense: Jim Lebenthal's Watchlist

Jim's first pick is Pfizer. Pfizer's stock has had a nice rally this year up 14%. Lebenthal believes in the pipeline; "In Pfizer's case you've got a great and growing oncology franchise."

Next up is Qualcomm, where the focus is China.

"In Qualcomm what you're looking for is what's going on in China.They started to sign up a lot of Chinese smart phone OEM's over the last several months," he said. He believes Qualcomm's dividend yield is a good safety net.

Last on Jim's list is Intel. He is bullish Intel believingthat they could be involved in the new iPhone 7.

"What's key for me is what's going on with them and the iPhone7. There is a lot of talk about them getting more and more contract wins that could propel the stock higher."

All three companies have low earnings multiples.

"If you want to be a little defensive and you don't want to chase those consumer staple stocks selling at 20 plus times earnings then these names whether it's Intel, Qualcomm, or Pfizer are all trading at relatively low multiples," said Lebenthal.

Trader disclosure: Jim Lebenthal owns INTC, QCOM, and PFE.

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