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Here's what a Trump win would really mean for the stock market

Puzder: A Trump economy beats Clinton's

Donald Trump has signaled that big banks could be a short bet if he wins office, but his presidency could help plenty of other companies — like Pfizer, Monsanto, TransCanada and Lockheed, and asset classes like gold.

The Republican platform clarified some of the positions that Trump has been discussing for months without a lot of detail. The platform, released Monday on the first day of the party's convention, pointed to some hardened Republican positions, as well as some areas where Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton may not be that far apart.

If the policies proposed by Trump and the Republicans were put in place, defense contractors, energy drillers, pipelines, food producers, gold miners, biotech, construction firms, regional banks and credit card companies could all be among the winners. Losers could be the big banks, hotels and leisure, and potentially the industrials and exporters that could be hurt if a Trump administration takes extreme action on trade agreements.

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