Boeing will take $2.05 billion in charges for second-quarter earnings

Boeing announces 3 charges totaling $2.05B
Boeing announces 3 charges totaling $2.05B

Boeing will take three charges totaling $2.05 billion as part of its second-quarter earnings, it announced Thursday.

After the news, its shares dropped after the bell, with the stock down nearly 1.25 percent.

The charges consist of $393 million for the company's KC-46 re-fueling tankers, $847 million for the 787 Dreamliners, and $814 million for the 747 program.

The largest charge, for the Dreamliners, was due to the company's re-classifying two program planes as R&D planes, that were originally slated to be sold to customers.

The charge on the 747 program is due to an adjustment in future delivery assumptions, with the company no longer planning to ramp up production of the plane to one plane per month from the current level of one per every two months.

The charge on the re-fueling tankers is the fourth charge Boeing has taken on the program, together totaling nearly $1.89 billion in pre-tax charges.

The announcement comes ahead of next Wednesday's quarterly earnings release.

—CNBC's Phil LeBeau contributed to this report.