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ORLANDO, Fla., July 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A recent article in the Associated Press citing current U.S. Census statistic states that Hispanics now account for 56.6 million people in the Unites States alone. For many, those numbers are the official declaration of a cultural phenomenon that is already most apparent to the average citizen. Source: http://apne.ws/2av432c

As with other cultural migrations in previous periods of this country’s evolution, this most recent group has altered our cultural identity and society with their own customs and influences. For years, Latinos have stitched their own strand in the American cultural fabric, adding to the melting pot with their favorites from home and blending, ever blending, into an America that has always hosted an unending stream of immigrant peoples. The influence of Latino culture in the American mosaic is undeniable.

This population explosion, again 56.6 million and growing, paves a familiar road to market for Hispanica International Delights of America (OTC:HISP), a diversified food company actively engaged in the distribution of Hispanic foods and beverages throughout the United States.

Hispanic-centric grocery stores and markets are on the rise, giving choices to newer Americans and those whose non-Hispanic families have been here as far back as our own American Revolution. Perhaps that’s one of the most beneficial factors affecting Hispanic International’s future... that not only is there a native market of Latinos growing around them, but that their product line is popular with just about every other ethnic group in the U.S.

It warrants mention that even the mighty pizza was not a widely sold dish until after World War II when the immigrant Italian population had grown and U.S. serviceman who had been in Italy returned with an appetite for what would soon become a national mainstay. Americans simply fell in love with this new food from a culture to which they had been newly exposed.

Hispanica has been active, adding board members, acquiring new product lines and intent on executing their business plan. Make sense in a market with 56.6 million reasons to do so.

About Hispanica International Delights of America, Inc.

Hispanic International Delights of America, Inc. (HISP) is a public company, founded in 2013. HISP is engaged in the distribution of proprietary, licensed and third party Hispanic and Ethnic food and beverages throughout the United States. HISP has already begun to distribute fruit juices, nectars, and milk based products and will begin to distribute teas, carbonated drinks, dry goods, preserves, frozen foods and bakery products. The brands distributed are under a proprietary basis (through distribution agreements and/or exclusive licensing arrangements). These brands emulate the flavors, tastes, and traditions which have been known for generations among the Hispanic and other ethnic groups which are now becoming part of the American mainstream diet. HISP is also committed in building long-term relationships with its consumers by offering superior, high quality products at the most competitive prices.

For more information on Hispanica International Delights of America, Inc. please visit http://www.hispanicadelights.com/

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