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Mark Cuban lashes out at Trump, calls him 'the loud guy in the suit'

Mark Cuban bashes Trump on Twitter

Donald Trump's Republican National Convention speech drove billionaire Mark Cuban into a Twitter frenzy, with the Dallas Mavericks owner tweeting: Americans are nothing like Trump.

Cuban, who had already bashed Republican presidential nominee Trump as well as Sen. Ted Cruz earlier in the day, took to Twitter again as Trump began his speech.

Cuban had taken time out of a back-and-forth with journalist Piers Morgan earlier Thursday on Twitter to hit out at Trump and Cruz.

"Donald is the Ted Cruz of business His biz partners are no where to be found Which partner has supported him? " Cuban wrote in a tweet.

The conversation with Morgan was spurred by an earlier tweet in which Cuban wrote, "I'm convinced the dream scenario is to win the popular vote but lose the election. All the glory. None of the work ".

Along with knocking both Cruz and Trump, Cuban focused in on Trump's business record. Cuban wrote that, "if winning were the goal he would raise outside money for his campaign like he borrows money for a building ".

This is not the first time Cuban has taken to Twitter to share his ire of Trump. Earlier this spring, the billionaire let loose in questioning Trump's ability to self-fund his campaign.