Warren Buffett dishes on secret CEO meeting

Warren Buffett revealed what was discussed during a secret meeting held by the legendary investor and other top chief executives about the dire state of public companies.

The list of attendees included names like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, GE CEO Jeff Immelt and General Motors' CEO Mary Barra, among many others, who gathered to discuss how to best address the misplaced focus of public companies on short-term results.

"Our future depends on these companies being managed effectively for long-term prosperity, which is why the governance of American companies is so important to every American," a report issued by the group said. "Corporate governance in recent years has often been an area of intense debate among investors, corporate leaders and other stakeholders. Yet, too often, that debate has generated more heat than light."

In this exclusive interview, Buffett shares his views on the CEO gathering along with other topics such as:

  • Would Berkshire be better off as a private company?
  • Dual-class stock structures and their effect on boardrooms.
  • Why companies shouldn't provide earnings guidance.

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