Global Power Banks Industry 2016 Market Analysis, Share, Growth, Opportunities, Segments, Developments and Forecast to 2021

Brooklyn, NY , July 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The report opens with an overview of the power banks industry. This chapter explains the definitions and specifications as well as the classification, application, an analysis of industry policies, and new analysis. The report also explains the manufacturing cost structure analysis of the power banks industry that comprises raw material suppliers, price analysis, equipment suppliers, labor cost analysis, analysis of other costs, manufacturing cost structure analysis, and an analysis of manufacturing processes.

Through its subsequent chapters, the report evaluates the technical data and manufacturing plants analysis. It explains the capacity and commercial production dates along with the status of research and development and the sources of raw materials. The development policies, feasibility reports, manufacturing processes and cost structures have all been discussed in this research report. Additionally, the impact of changing investment infrastructure has also been evaluated by industry experts in this exhaustive study.

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According to the report, the emerging economies, stabilizing economic growth, improving disposable incomes, rising purchasing power, and consequently changing standards of living are all responsible for the booming consumer electronics devices market. The Smartphone’s segment is especially witnessing a surge as the customer base widens each day. The only drawback of these devices is that they come with poor battery performance, owing to which they have triggered a massive demand for power banks. A power bank is an external battery charger, which is completely portable and can be used for charging a wide range of electronic products. Power banks are commonly used for changing electronic devices such as laptops, mobile devices, digital cameras, and tablets, amongst others.

According to analysts, the rising sale of Smartphone’s due to their improving technologies has led to a huge surge in the global power banks industry. The exponentially rising usage of mobile phones, phablets, tablets, and other digital gadgets is expected to lend an incredible impetus to this industry in the coming years. Regionally, China is an important market in the overall power banks industry as it is poised to grow at a rapid pace in the near future. The majority of the players are undertaking research and development activities in order to stay ahead of the competition in the global power banks industry.

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Some of the important players in the global power banks industry are Yoobao, Powerocks, Mophie, Energizer, Samsung SDI, GP Batteries, FSP EUROPE, Xtorm, Maxell, Koeok, Sony, HIPER, Panasonic, Samya, Romoss, Mipow, SCUD, MI, PISEN, Besiter, DX Power, Pineng, Mili, Aigo, Lepow, and DBK. The research report explains the competitive landscape of the global power banks industry by profiling these players. Furthermore, the report also provides an assessment of the financial overview, research and development activities, expansion plans, investment outlook, and strategic mergers and acquisitions of these companies in the foreseeable future.

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