MMsoft Co., Ltd. Announces MRC—Encrypted Virtual Currency

BEIJING, July 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MRC, using encrypted forms and the latest technology combined with the latest Blockchain based on the concept of mixed reality, is a whole new generation of encrypted digital currency following the Bitcoin. It combines innovative profitability as well as more advanced Blockchain technology which enables encrypted digital currency in circulation. Payments will be more convenient, fast and safe. With VR, AR MR technology to mature, and gradually come into people's daily lives, it will eventually establish a new ecological finance + The Internet + virtual technology, to lead a new era of a payment system and future technology.

MRC (Mixed Reality Coin) is created by the New York virtual currency Minerals of Silicon Valley R & D team and years of painstaking Digital Currencies Blockchain Technology Team's research and development. For more than three years of achievements , finally, MRC, a form of P2P encrypted digital assets,will be issued in 2016, with a constant amount of 520 million. MRC is based on an independent innovation algorithm and applications of three random hash functions so that it has a unique technical specification and ultra-fast links to nodes, and the time of payments transfer will be more prominent.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a further development of virtual reality technology, the technology using the introduction of real-world scenarios in a virtual environment information, between the virtual world and the real world, setting up an interactive user feedback loop of information to enhance the user experience realism. The new digital encryption technology assets and Mixed Reality concept on communication, and in the future to promote the new payment methods at the same time promoting the future of virtual technology; the two promote each other, which will bring us more future experience.

The advantages of MRC: First, global circulation. The era of the Internet makes the world borderless and increasingly apparent, and the dominion of the future of digital currency payments will be based on the global circulation basis. Second, free payments. Global Payments are moving toward the Payments system and free development of the Payments Transfer. MRC makes Money Circulation faster and less expensive. Third, better security system. The age of the Internet makes the security of information become more important, and this is an important factor in the impact of digital currencies. Follow the market trends in the open source and download the Digital Wallet for free so that everyone can see the MRC's charm!

MRC, as new encrypted digital assets issued in 2016, will achieve seamless multiple international trading platform and online businesses as well as business entities. The market growth potential is tremendous.

The process of Digital currency to replace traditional money payment has become essential, the birth of MRC also shows more possibilities to human beings. MRC will promote the perfect fusion of payment and virtual reality technology, and will have a huge impact on the future society. It will completely change our lives and works, its development prospects are incalculable. MRC is operated by MMsoft Co., Ltd.

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