Hillary Clinton’s marketing is 'straight out of 1995,' Mark Cuban says

Mark Cuban
Getty Images for TechCrunch

Billionaire Mark Cuban took to Twitter on Friday to say how presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton should change her strategies to win the presidential election.

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"Hillary Clinton marketing of herself is awful. It's straight out of 1995. It's not newsfeed or social media literate at all," Cuban said in his stream of tweets.

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The Dallas Mavericks owner said Clinton's marketing messages needed to be simplified and that they need "to tell people why they should vote for her in one short sentence or less."

Cuban also suggested that Clinton go into "enemy territory" and do five interviews a day with Fox News.

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Cuban previously supported Donald Trump's run for president, but has since changed his mind.

The tech billionaire noted that Clinton needs to use "real people" to connect with undecided voters.

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He announced Tuesday on his Twitter account that he is against the Republican candidate, saying, "I have to admit I've become a #nevertrump."

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Cuban ended his Twitter rant telling Clinton how to win the presidential election.

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The tweets came days before the Democratic National Convention, which starts next Monday.