McDonald’s tests out new baked apple pie in North Carolina, California

Source: McDonald's

McDonald's is testing out a new recipe for its apple pie in 950 restaurants in North Carolina and Southern California.

The new pie will use large slices of apples instead of diced ones, baked inside a lattice crust. Underneath the crisscrossed strips of dough, the filling will include five varieties of apple, rather than the six varieties currently being used.

"Our culinary team wanted to provide customers with an old-fashioned apple pie with homemade taste and aroma to match," said Becca Hary, a spokeswoman for McDonald's in a written statement.

Apple pie was the first dessert added to McDonald's menu. It arrived in 1968, along with its much-adored friend, the Big Mac.

The company's stock has risen slightly this year and is up by more than 8 percent.