Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital Performs Quick Cryosurgery on Pets

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., July 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryosurgery is a procedure available to cats and dogs that need to have benign skin growths and legions removed, reports Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital. The process is completed with minimal discomfort to pets and has a short healing time. The procedure uses cryogens -- gases liquefied and maintained at extremely cold temperatures -- to rapidly freeze skin growths by forming ice crystals within the cells. Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital, located at 8677 19th Street in Rancho Cucamonga, has recently added cryosurgery to its long list of services available to pets.

Rancho Cucamonga veterinarian, Dr. Reid Shufer, who owns and oversees care at Alta Rancho Pet & Bird Hospital, uses liquid nitrogen applied to pet skin growths with a Cry-AC hand-held device. The device freezes skin growths at a temperature of -272 degrees F. Two to three weeks later, the lesion falls off similar to a scab.

Not all growths can or should be removed with cryosurgery. "Whenever you discover a lump of any size on your cat or dog, it's always best to visit a veterinarian and ask to have the lesion biopsied," Dr. Shufer says. "Biopsies help us to see what type of growth we are dealing with and whether it is benign or cancerous."

Owners may discover lumps of many sizes and varying appearance when petting, grooming or inspecting a pet to prevent problems such as fleas, ticks and embedded grass seeds (foxtails).

A biopsy may be done by fine needle aspiration, which removes a cell sample from a lesion, or the entire growth may be surgically removed for testing.

Kinds of lesions that are generally benign include: Sebaceous cysts, warts (papillomas) which are usually pink in color and on a small stalk, and skin tags; small extensions of the skin.

“Although skin tags are benign lesions, they are often unsightly and may start to bleed if traumatized,” says Dr. Shufer. He adds that removal using cryosurgery is a low risk procedure and should be considered for these lesions.

"When dogs and cats lick or chew at tags, warts and sebaceous cysts, these growths may start to bleed or become infected," Dr. Shufer explains. "Cryosurgery can prevent benign growths from becoming a problem."

Pets are sedated for Cryosurgery as Cryosurgery may sting briefly as it freezes. Topical anesthetic controls any subsequent inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medication may be used in the recovery phase to mitigate any discomfort. A plastic, cone collar is recommended to prevent pets from licking or scratching during recovery.

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Source: Alta Rancho Pet &Bird Hospital