Old Bridge Spine and Wellness Offers Dry Needling for Pain Management

OLD BRIDGE, N.J., July 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many patients benefit from dry needling as part of an overall wellness plan, shares Old Bridge Spine and Wellness. Dry needling can relieve muscle pain and stiffness without unnecessary medication. Dr. Peter Bufano of Old Bridge Spine and Wellness believes that dry needling is an excellent addition to patient care plans. Dry needling, when used as a part of Functional Medicine, can help patients achieve optimal wellness. Dry needling releases stiff and knotted muscle fibers and has applications in rehabilitation, restoring range of motion and increasing function in soft tissue.

Dry needling is similar to acupuncture and is part of the supporting services offered at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness. Thin filiform needles are inserted into the locations of specific soft tissue muscle knots and trigger points. These needles are slightly thicker than the type used in traditional acupuncture. Dry needling offers a way to relieve both muscle and soft tissue pain naturally. Dry needling, as part of an overall wellness plan, can help patients move easier and feel less restriction.

A practitioner carefully evaluates the area of discomfort, locates muscle tension or knots with palpitation. The dry form needle is inserted and manipulated to produce a muscle twitch. This results in relief from the tension of the contracted muscle. In addition, dry needling techniques stimulate biochemical healing responses within the affected area. This allows the body’s processes to break down the stiff tissues of the muscular adhesion. Several dry needling sessions may be necessary to experience lasting pain relief.

“Dry needling can be useful to reduce muscle pain and promote recovery in patients,” said Dr. Bufano. “As an experienced chiropractor, I have seen the impact dry needling has had on patients with severe muscle restriction and pain. Dry needling uses needles to trigger the body’s natural healing response, which alleviates pain from knotted muscle tissue. Patients can turn to dry needling, rather than pain medications, to address the source of their muscular pain. Patients who use it as part of their overall wellness plan can look forward to returning to a pain-free lifestyle.”

Dr. Antonio Monterosso PT, DPT, Dr. Daniel Neissany PT, DPT, of Old Bridge, and Dr. Bryant Acquaro PT, DPT, of Freehold offer chiropractic care and dry needling respectively to residents of Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan. The staff at Old Bridge Spine and Wellness believe in a whole body and individualized approach to health care offering services including functional training, corrective exercises, spinal care, dry needling, massage therapy, acupuncture, LiteCure laser therapy and specialty services. Their staff focuses on helping patients move and feel their best.

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Source: Old Bridge Spine and Wellness