Chicago Auto Depot Gains Competitive Edge with Digital Marketing in Auto Dealership Industry

Portland, OR, July 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Chicago Auto Depot's Responsive Dealership Website

In the auto industry, every sales prospect counts. Dealerships compete with each other on a daily basis, and Leo Quintana, a manager at Chicago Auto Depot who oversees IT and web content at his dealership, recognizes the benefit of a powerful online presence.

“Among auto dealers, your website is huge,” Quintana says. “This is a very competitive business.” He emphasizes how important it is for a website to function well and give potential customers as much information as possible on a dealership site. “It’s a selling tool and a visual representation of your company.”

Before partnering with Dealer Spike Auto, Chicago Auto Depot’s site was on Wordpress. It caused constant issues and was very difficult to manage – the dealership even lost administrative control of it. “We decided it wasn’t working anymore,” Quintana says. “We wanted to generate business through our website.”

Quintana knows from personal experience how off-putting a bad website can be for a customer. “You have to make it easy for the customer, with an appealing site that provides details and looks professional,” he says. “When I’m searching online personally and I see a website that sucks, I don’t even bother. If that company doesn’t want to take the time to make their website look good and function well, they don’t care enough to earn my business.”

At this point, Quintana and his team knew that it was time to find a better option than their Wordpress-hosted dealership site. In that same time frame, Dealer Spike Auto reached out.

“It definitely seemed like the best option with the overall layouts of the websites they showed us and the ease of the back-end tool,” Quintana explains of his choice to sign on with Dealer Spike Auto. “The fact that Dealer Spike was able to provide a credit application tailored to what we need was a major factor. Especially as opposed to other providers, who didn’t even have that capability, or at least not the capability along with the modifications we needed.”

Chicago Auto Depot’s new website has proven to bring in a huge amount of leads for the dealership since its launch in December 2015. “It’s also helped us narrow down where exactly our leads are coming from – through our ‘Request a Quote’ form, submitted applications, and whatnot,” Quintana says. “Those extra bumps have definitely helped a lot.”

The site’s Lead Pop form, which grabs online visitors’ attention before they navigate away from the homepage, has been especially helpful in gaining leads and prospects for the auto dealer. “It’s a great feature,” Quintana says. “It’s really no different than when a customer walks up on the lot and we go to greet them, find out what they’re looking for. It’s the electronic version of that.” He appreciates the ability this feature gives him to find out what his dealership’s prospects are in the market for, and how best to follow up with them. “We’ve never had anything like it before.”

Dealer Spike Auto is a newer dealership industry division for the digital marketing company. Chicago Auto Depot is a great example of a successful dealership that acknowledges the importance of a functional, attractive website that is on a higher level than those of competitors.

“The overall experience we’ve had has been great,” Quintana says of his dealership’s partnership with Dealer Spike Auto. “We have been happy with the site and we’ve seen a lot of success with it. It’s a very solid product.”


Chicago Auto Depot has one of the best selections of used vehicles in the region – providing several choices for customers interested in buying Nissan, Ford, GMC, Honda, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Dodge, or BMW vehicles. Chicago Auto Depot’s desire is to ensure that customers have the best car buying experience. The staff pride themselves on excellence in customer satisfaction, the dealership’s highest priority. Located just 25 miles from downtown Chicago, this auto dealership is one of the best in the Midwest.


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