Fiksu’s evolution continues with launch of four new mobile marketing companies

BOSTON, July 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiksu, the data-fueled mobile marketing technology company, and Noosphere, an international asset management firm, today announced that they’ve founded four new mobile marketing companies to inherit the legacy of innovation and success from Fiksu. The new companies will work closely together, but are independent businesses with their own leadership teams, market strategies, and products.

The new companies are:
Fiksu DSP for quality and scale in RTB advertising
Fiksu Media Group to offer broad mobile marketing campaigns to agencies
FreeMyApps for incentivized app marketing
Fiksu Networks for clients who want mobile marketing via a comprehensive managed service

“Fiksu has long demonstrated leadership in several mobile marketing arenas,” said Max Polyakov, chairman and founder, Noosphere. “Separating the business into these four companies allows each team to serve different audiences and leverage different strengths while building on extremely reliable, high-performance Fiksu tools.”

“I’m extremely proud of what we built at Fiksu, with incredible technology sitting on top of unmatched data,” said Micah Adler, founder and CEO of the former Fiksu and now CEO of Fiksu DSP. “The business has been successful so far, but this evolution positions us for additional growth by better serving the unique needs of different types of clients. The great leadership and expertise of the teams within each of the new companies makes me confident about their future success.”

All four companies will continue to draw upon and contribute to the massive historical data set amassed by Fiksu: 3.6 billion mobile device profiles, including an estimated 90% of all iOS and Android devices ever sold in the US, with nearly 30 trillion data points.

Fiksu DSP
The proven DSP technology that Fiksu clients have long used to access leading RTB exchanges will form the centerpiece of a new DSP-centered company, led by Adler and focusing on delivering high-quality mobile marketing results at significant scale.

“Even before the acquisition, our DSP had been playing a larger and larger role in our clients’ success, with significant growth over the last year,” said Adler. “Now, with the mobile RTB market estimated at $2.9B this year and predicted to more than double in the next two years, our results-focused DSP offers ideal opportunity for explosive growth.”

Fiksu Media Group
Fiksu had a track record of success with agency clients, including some of the world’s best known brands. This new company brings that experience together with access to a wide range of media sources and a renewed focus on delivering both app user acquisition and CPI campaigns as well as behavioral audience targeting for mobile video and display.

“Agencies and brands know that they need reliable, scalable technology partners to drive mobile results that move the needle,” said Mike Bender, Director, Fiksu Media Group. “Thanks to the industry integrations and Fiksu data we can draw on, we can provide uniquely effective and scalable mobile campaigns for agencies and brands.”

FreeMyApps has long been the number one source for incentivized app downloads. App marketers looking to drive downloads and attention for new apps have long depended on FreeMyApps for the company’s proven ability to hit traffic and download goals by engaging its 1.6M active monthly users.

“An independent FreeMyApps is going to be able to focus on providing even more value to advertisers via our engaged, enthusiastic user base,” said Spencer Scott, former CRO at Fiksu and now CEO of FreeMyApps. “We are eagerly looking forward to finding new ways to reward our users while helping partners generate mobile engagement.”

Fiksu Networks
Clients of Fiksu’s past managed media buying service will now be run by the new company Fiksu Networks. Fiksu Networks will continue to put Fiksu’s mobile profile data to work, building audiences and syndicating them to leading ad channels including the Fiksu DSP and FreeMyApps; optimizing media spend across those and many other channels to capture high-quality users.

All four independent companies are based in Boston and actively hiring to support their growth needs.

About Fiksu DSP
Fiksu DSP combines a massive, proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools to reach high-quality audiences at scale using the top RTB exchanges. Fiksu DSP has executed thousands of successful mobile campaigns to connect brands, agencies, and app advertisers to audiences that spend time and money inside the apps they download. Clients include Amazon, Disney, Groupon, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starcom. Based in Boston, Mass., Fiksu is a part of Noosphere Ventures. More at, @Fiksu, and on the Fiksu blog.

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