Laszlo Birinyi believes this could be an epic bull

Wall Street research legend Laszlo Birinyi believes this seven-year bull market has much further to run and could even rival the multidecade bullish period that began back in 1982.

"The conventional wisdom is consistently wrong," said the unabashed bull in an exclusive, in-depth sit-down for CNBC PRO with Mike Santoli. The president of Birinyi Associates went through historical examples of when investors and the media consistently got the timing of bull and bear markets wrong, becoming too pessimistic at the wrong times.

With other Wall Street strategists much more dour than him and the media bemoaning Brexit and other concerns, Birinyi thinks this is happening once again and the run has much further to go.

In the wide-ranging conversation, Birinyi also touches on:

  • How to tell when the end of the bull is near.
  • What the small investor doesn't realize about Wall Street.
  • How Mike Bloomberg helped him revolutionize market research in the 1970s.

PRO subscribers can also read the entire transcript of the exclusive interview below.