HGTV Star, Christina El Moussa, Releases New Article on Why Flipping Properties Benefits Urban Areas

LOS ANGELES, July 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Christina El Moussa, costar of Flip or Flop, a popular program on HGTV, has just written and published a new and highly informative article entitled Why Flipping Properties Actually Benefits Urban Areas. The article explains the many benefits of flipping houses for the community as a whole and points out how it helps to bolster the local economy and prevent community deterioration.

This timely article starts out with an admission that many viewers see “flipping” homes as just a quick way to earn money. After so many years of doing house flips, Christina has seen firsthand how it actually benefits urban areas and the hearts of the communities where they work.

She comments, “When Tarek and I renovate a blighted property, it helps to achieve a number of goals. These include returning inventory to the market and stabilizing the community. When a neighborhood is filled with beautiful homes, everyone profits. In addition, crime rates go down in the area and there’s a stronger tax base so the city can provide better parks, schools, and other programs.” By generating a win-win situation, the urban areas receive positive attention from homeowners, renters, and local businesses.

The article begins with history on how the couple got their start in the house flipping business. Many know the El Moussa’s from the popular HGTV show, Flip or Flop, which shows how they began during the recession when real estate agents couldn’t earn a good living no matter how hard they worked. They realized that house flipping could be a catalyst to turning their financial life around. She goes on to say that it was slow going at first with plenty of trials and many lessons learned.

Christina explains about the unique process she and her husband, Tarek El Moussa, utilize in their work. They studied the entire house flipping process and developed a strategy that maximizes potential while minimizing risk. She emphasizes that though these often come with risks, there are also many rewards.

Christina adds, “Tarek and I realized that these properties were actually the better value for us. Sure, it meant that we spent more time and money getting these homes into shape for prospective buyers, but there were several key benefits. First, the properties cost less upfront, which is of obvious benefit. In addition, it means that not only can you afford to put additional cash into it for renovations without eating into your budget too much, but it also means benefits for the community as a whole.”

She says that she and Tarek strive to make smart investments that will either transform the local area or help prevent it from deteriorating (undesirable housing that languishes on the market does no favors to anyone, least of all community members). Through Success Path Education, a real estate investing, coaching and mentoring program they also focus on teaching students their methodologies about flipping and holding, which creates more long-term rental solutions at affordable rates. Their process is purposely slow and thorough, so that the homes are truly transformed into beautiful dwellings that families will enjoy for years.

About Tarek and Christina
Tarek and Christina El Moussa are the cohosts of the HGTV hit reality show Flip or Flop. The show, which is entering its fourth season features the couple going through the ups and downs of buying and renovating housing properties for profit. In addition to being successful real estate flippers, Tarek and Christina are also professional real estate agents based in Orange County, California. At the height of the housing boom, Tarek was selling numerous multi-million dollar mansions, but when the housing bubble burst, his empire came crashing down. He traded in his Mercedes for a Honda and their $6000-a-month mortgage for a $700-a-month apartment—with a roommate. Tarek began to look for other ways to pursue his passion for real estate and building wealth, which included his first venture into flipping houses. Had it not been for learning how to flip a house, Tarek readily admits things would not have turned out so well. Also a real estate agent by trade, Christina has a flair for design as well as organization and works closely with Tarek on the renovation design plans and keeping each house-flipping project on schedule. For more information about Tarek and Christina, and their new real estate training program Success Path Education visit

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Success Path Education is the premier real estate education investment program developed in conjunction with real estate investors and television reality stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Using the El Moussa’s own real estate investment methodologies and systems the Success Path Education Program is one of the most in-depth and comprehensive training programs available in North America, providing students with an unparalleled level of support, mentoring and coaching. To learn more about Success Path Education please visit

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