II‐VI Incorporated Ramps Volume Production of LAN-WDM Optics for 100 Gb/s Long- and Extended-Reach Datacenter Transceivers

PITTSBURGH, July 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- II‐VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a leading provider of solutions for next generation optical networks, today announced that it is ramping up shipments of LAN-WDM optics to serve the rapid growth of the 100GBASE-LR4 and ER4 transceiver market.

Data centers are scaling up to keep pace with fast-growing cloud services through increased interconnectivity of datacenter computing resources and reduced overall signal latency. Transceivers operating at 100 Gb/s are becoming the connectivity workhorse for spine-leaf network topologies. II-VI is ramping up its production output to meet the increasing demand for micro-optics used in transceivers for intra-data center connectivity.

The IEEE 802.3ba standard, which defines 100GBASE-LR4/ER4 transceivers, is based on LAN-WDM, a technology implemented using four optical channels on 800 GHz frequency spacing, each transmitting at 25 Gb/s. II-VI leverages its high-precision thin-films wavelength division multiplexing technology to build high-performance and low-loss micro-optics assemblies that merge or multiplex these four optical channels at the transmitter end as they are launched into a single-mode fiber, then function in reverse at the receiver end.

“The role of micro-optics in optical networks continues to expand, this time in the rapidly growing and transforming datacenter,” said Wade Tang, General Manager, Advanced Components Division. “II-VI has a long history of innovation and leadership in thin film filter technology and its packaging into compact micro-optics assemblies. Our state of the art thin film filter fabrication facilities in Santa Rosa, California and Guangzhou, China have enabled our global leadership in this market, especially in the fiber-to-the-home market. We have shipped over 200 million filters in the last three years. We are now extending that leadership to the high bit rate intra-datacenter connectivity,” he added.

II-VI offers a broad portfolio of vertically integrated products for optical networks using micro-optics that are designed and manufactured in house with core processes including crystal growth, precision polishing, thin-film coatings and high-volume automated assembly manufacturing. II-VI’s LAN-WDM optics are Telcordia qualified and are commercially available in fiber-pigtailed assemblies or in various sub-assembly configurations.

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