Local Machine Builder Builds Custom Recycling Machine to Save Client Millions of Dollars

ST. LOUIS, July 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EPIC Systems recently built a recycling machine from concept stage to save a local consumer products company over a million dollars each year, based on the customer’s own payback calculations. EPIC is a leading machine builder and engineering firm that recently partnered with their client to design, fabricate and integrate a waste product recycling system.

The customer identified EPIC as an experienced manufacturing machine builder that wouldn't just design a machine, but work with the client to improve their overall manufacturing process. The customer had a base design concept for the machine, but used EPIC’s expertise to complete a robust industrial design.

Partnering with the client, EPIC began by evaluating the existing machine design for an industrial environment. Working together, major areas of improvement in design and functionality were identified. A completed design was tested and simulated before it was fabricated in EPIC’s state of the art facility.

The completed machine allows the customer to take product that would have been discarded, and recover up to 70% of “waste”. Unsorted collections of off-spec product are recovered and re-introduced as separated raw materials back into the manufacturing process. Using a tiered system of rotating drums and proprietary separation techniques, waste product is sorted, separated and reused.

A recent study, performed by the customer, estimated that the machine will pay for itself in less than one calendar year. “EPIC loves to work on projects that require a high level of collaboration. You get a lot of smart and capable people in a room, with a common goal, you know you will have a successful project,” said Ryan Sobotka, Lead Design Engineer for the project.

To see the custom recycling machine designed and built by EPIC, click here.

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Source:EPIC Systems, Inc