Sanders launches 'Our Revolution' to press campaign's work

Sanders takes high road at DNC
Sanders takes high road at DNC
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Sanders receives longest standing ovation of the night
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Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton must become the next president

Bernie Sanders is taking steps to solidify the movement he helped create, launching an organization called "Our Revolution" to press the work of his campaign.

In an email sent to the Vermont senator's campaign list Monday evening after Sanders spoke at the Democratic National Convention, he asked supporters to add their names to the list of the new organization.

"Our work will continue in the form of a new group called Our Revolution," the email said. "The goal of this organization will be no different from the goal of our campaign: we must transform American politics to make our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families."

The organization has a dedicated website, and lists itself as a 501(c)(4) organization. Such organizations may engage in some political activities, so long as that is not its primary activity, according to the IRS. The designation is relatively common for similar political groups. For example, Organizing for Action, which emerged from President Barack Obama's campaign organization after the 2012 election, is categorized under the same designation.

"If we are successful, what it will mean is that the progressive message and the issues that I campaigned on will be increasingly spread throughout this country," Sanders told USA Today.

The creation of an organization to continue building on the momentum and large following Sanders amassed as a progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary follows in the footsteps of Howard Dean.

A former Vermont governor, Dean turned his 2004 presidential campaign into progressive political organization Democracy for America.

Sanders has already proven himself a powerful fundraiser for down-ballot candidates, and a former top strategist for Obama's 2012 re-election campaign told CNBC last month that any potential network Sanders organized would have the possibility of being "DFA-like on steroids."

The Sanders campaign did not respond to a request for comment.