Convey Enhances Channel Platform to Promote and Track Catalog Views in the Telecommunications and Cloud Space

ATLANTA, July 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today announced a new premium program for vendors that subscribe to the Convey for Channel platform that automatically adds catalog banner advertising to master agent site home pages and measures viewer engagement. Convey is a cloud-based solution that hosts and delivers content, training, promotions, spiffs and events to engage the sales partners of master agents, improve communication and create calls to action that lead to increased deal flow and sales.

“Convey created an automated process for catalog owners to select banners from inside their catalog, designate master agent home pages for those banners to appear and schedule when each banner will be seen,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey. “Selected banners now appear on the master agent site home pages and are tied to Convey’s analytics engine so vendors can adjust their strategy, refine messaging and focus on what’s needed to drive engagement and improve revenue production.”

“With 40 top master agent sites, 10,000 subscribed site members and an estimated overall audience of 16,000 commissioned agents, Convey represents one of the best promotional opportunities for suppliers in the telecom and cloud space,” Bradfield added. “Individual catalog views increased this year to 37 thousand per month, with over 500 thousand content posts viewed or downloaded in the first half of the year. The Convey for Channel platform has changed the way sales agents engage with their vendor partners, automating the process and improving information flow.”

Automated banner advertising is now available through a premium subscription in the Convey Channel program and is designed to increase click-throughs to vendor catalogs. The analytics engine is available to both master agents and vendors. Catalog owners that are subscribed to multiple sites can view catalog activity reports on Convey Channel ( and see a comprehensive analysis of activity across all master agent sites. Reports can be filtered by activity date, as well as by master agent. Reports analyze views and clicks for each banner, page or content post. Reports are available in a summary, in a detailed view and can be downloaded or saved in the custom report dashboard.

About Convey
Convey is a cloud-based platform that hosts and delivers content, training & events and generates revenue from subscriptions, purchases or advertising. Convey Channel Programs connect suppliers to revenue producers in indirect distribution channels providing access to product information and training, creating calls to action and driving revenue. Convey’s Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™) generates revenue from supplier subscriptions, membership fees, advertising and ecommerce. Cloud Conventions™ are virtual expos managed entirely on the Convey platform. Unlike traditional trade shows, a Cloud Convention is easy and inexpensive to manage, can run for any length of time, requires no travel and can be attended 24/7.

Convey launched its first Channel Program in 2014 to master agents and their suppliers in the telecommunications and cloud industry and then to insurance master agency networks. Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC) launched to the foodservice industry in 2015. The first Cloud Conventions Virtual Expo was held in March 2016 in the telecommunications and cloud space. Licensing opportunities are available in select vertical markets. For information visit, or call 888-975-1382.

Press Contact: Bruce Ahern — (770) 580-0810

Source: Convey Services