Smart Wires Announces Expansion With New R&D Facility to Support Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, July 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smart Wires, a leading provider of advanced power flow control technology, today announces the relocation to a new R&D space to accommodate their rapid growth and future expansion plans. The new R&D and Operations center located at ­3292 Whipple Road in Union City, Calif will provide capacity for increased customer support, engineering, product testing, research and development.

“The new significantly larger space has allowed us to expand our team and our testing facilities to accommodate our latest developments and host product briefings for our customers." said Haroon Inam, CTO for Smart Wires. “Our team is excited about the growth we are experiencing and this move represents a commitment to continue to build on the success our team has accomplished.”

Smart Wires has more than 60 R&D personnel which includes a staff of internal engineers, full-time and part-time consultants, four IEEE Fellows, and a total of more than 20 PhDs. This talent covers 23 major disciplines ranging from materials sciences, power semiconductors, power electronics, high-reliability embedded systems, thermals-and-packaging engineering, structural and civil engineering, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, distributed and centralized control systems, power systems and energy management systems. In addition, Smart Wires has significant on-shore and off-shore manufacturing engineering and development talent for high-reliability embedded systems firmware as well as enterprise software.

The Power Router™

“Our priority is developing innovative products and invaluable solutions for our customers. Currently we are focusing on the commercialization of our newest, game-changing technology, the Power Router. Early indicators from our client base about this latest product, a static synchronous series compensator, are very promising. This commercial momentum helped us attract and retain top technical talent in the industry and is what precipitated the decision to move to a larger space where we could attract and retain superstars to develop the technology,” explained Mr. Inam.

The Power Router leverages proven PowerLine Guardian® technology and builds upon the success of its predecessor by integrating revolutionary power electronics that enable it to increase or decrease transmission line reactance. Designed to be more powerful than the PowerLine Guardian, the Power Router is also heavier and is thus typically installed on existing transmission towers or in banks within or near the transmission right-of-way. Like the PowerLine Guardian, the Power Router is designed for modular deployment and shares the benefits of this approach to infrastructure investments. With its ability to synthesize a highly tunable capacitance or inductance, the Power Router can address an even greater set of network challenges and offers electric utilities another degree of freedom.

About Smart Wires

Smart Wires is the industry leader in modular, power flow control technology for the transmission system. We work with electric utilities around the world to optimize the flow of power through their existing grid – enabling them to prioritize network upgrade projects, improve the integration of renewable energy, address near-term reliability constraints, and reduce congestion. Smart Wires solutions are deployed at leading utilities such as PG&E, Southern Company, TVA and EirGrid. Our modular approach to grid infrastructure is unique and has several advantages over traditional power flow control solutions that typically require long-lead times, are highly complex, demand significant capital investment, and ultimately represent single points of failure. Smart Wires solutions can be deployed incrementally and reconfigured as needs evolve, thereby reducing investment risk, shortening lead times, and providing flexibility in an era of increasing operational uncertainty. Smart Wires is located in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland.

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