Traders falling back in love with cult stock Tesla

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk
Bobby Yip | Reuters

Traders are falling back in love with Tesla, according to data showing a surge in bullish mentions of the stock on Twitter.

Social Market Analytics, which scans posts on social networks to form predictive trading signals, shows Tesla had the biggest jump in bullish mentions in the last week among major U.S. stocks. The shares are up just a little more than 1 percent in the last five days, but if this data were any indication, then traders could be making Elon Musk's electric car company one of their favorite muses again.

Accidents involving autopilot technology, an odd proposed merger with SolarCity and worse-than-expected vehicle deliveries weighed on the stock recently.

But a week ago, Musk released his "Master Plan, Part Deux" outlining his grand vision for Tesla and that's apparently got traders excited again in the face of the many headwinds.

Below are the other stocks seeing the biggest one-week jump in bullish sentiment on Twitter, according to SMA.


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