Hillary Clinton is the right choice to grow the economy

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton

From her early career fighting for children and families, to her remarkable service as First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is better prepared to step into our highest office than any candidate in modern history. Most importantly, she has used her experience to address the most pressing concerns of our country, and she knows how to get things done.

Her career and her campaign have particularly showcased that she is prepared to do everything in her power to expand economic opportunity for all Americans.

Globalization and new technology have meant that businesses have more choices than ever about where to locate and invest, and need fewer workers to make the same products. Secretary Clinton understands that we have to rise to this challenge to keep America's economy strong. That means ensuring that our workers get the best education and training in the world so we can compete to retain and attract good jobs. As hundreds of executives have told me in eight years as Governor, that is the single most important thing government can do to foster their success.

That includes better supporting our teachers, whose work is essential to prepare students to be ready for college and the workplace. She wants to invest in training for high-growth industries like computer science so that American workers can meet employer demand. She would better connect our higher education and business communities to ensure a pipeline from the classroom to the workforce.

Finally, no one has been a stronger advocate for getting our youngest children off to the best possible start through access to high quality early childhood programs, which have been shown by the Federal Reserve to produce the best return on investment of just about any policy.

Secretary Clinton also understands that to thrive in an era when the majority of wealth will be created overseas and where export jobs pay above-average wages, we must tap new markets for American goods and services. Instead of building walls to the world, Secretary Clinton wants to give our businesses opportunities to reach as many customers as possible.

Jack Markell Governor State of Delaware
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Jack Markell Governor State of Delaware

Even as the world changes, one thing remains the same – small business is the life blood of our economy. Hillary recognizes that as small business goes, so does the economy of our nation, and she recognizes that the way to support small businesses and economic growth in the 21st century includes providing tax relief and unlocking access to capital.

She's already announced that she will double support for community development financial institutions and the successful Small State Business Credit Initiative. She is also committed to cutting the red tape in Washington that can slow business growth unnecessarily, and provide the incubators, mentoring, and training resources that help small businesses and start-ups thrive.

Secretary Clinton is a leading advocate for smart immigration reform, which would keep America safe, ensure fairness for those who play by the rules and allow America to continue to attract the best talent from around the world.

And she has proposed the substantial investments in our infrastructure required to support roads and bridges, airports and railways, and high-speed broadband that will allow goods, services, and information to travel faster than ever.

Secretary Clinton's approach is the polar opposite of the one taken by Donald Trump, who does not prioritize the issues that would help more Americans get ahead, and has demonstrated no understanding of the support that so many employers say would be most valuable to them.

A year after he announced his candidacy, the Republican nominee hasn't even attempted to post on his website a plan for ensuring Americans have access to the education and training to succeed in the new economy. Rather than incentivize foreign companies to invest in the U.S. and give American companies the opportunity to tap into markets overseas, Trump seeks to antagonize foreign leaders, including our allies in organizations like NATO.

And he chooses divisive statements and policies offending Latinos, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities, instead of supporting initiatives like comprehensive immigration reform, equal pay, and employment of underserved groups.

The choice in this election of who will foster more innovation, job growth, and ensure that our economy continues to be the strongest in the world could not be clearer.

Commentary by Delaware governor Jack Markell. Follow him on Twitter @GovernorMarkell.

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