Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center Educates Pet Owners on Preventing Heatstroke in Pets

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., July 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pets owners need to take steps to help pets avoid heatstroke and related health complications including death, reports Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center. Pet owners may not be able to save their pet from the complications of serious heatstroke, a common pet emergency as temperatures rise or animals are left in an unattended vehicle. This condition can be prevented as pet owners become aware of how high temperatures affect the internal health of an animal. Education about heatstroke can prevent death and other serious consequences in pets.

Pets and their owners in and around Collierville, TN can experience extreme heat during the summer. Responsible pet owners are advised to keep pets cool as temperatures peak in Tennessee. Heatstroke is a common condition that can result in the untimely death of a beloved pet when caught too late. Pet owners should make sure that pets always have a cool environment in which to rest and have access to plenty of water throughout the day and additional water during exercise or walks. Grooming can also help pets better manage the heat. A groomer can shorten the fur of animals with long hair to reduce unnecessary trapped heat. Pets should not be left alone in a car during warm or hot days. Exercise should be done during cooler parts of the day.

High temperatures can cause the death of dogs and cats despite aggressive treatment. Symptoms of the condition include loud panting, staggering and rapid breathing. Owners that suspect that their pet is overheated should quickly bring pets to well-ventilated, shady areas. Sponge the body of the pet with cool water to bring down their body temperature. Professional treatment is suggested when symptoms persist. Heatstroke can warrant emergency treatment.

“Unfortunately, we see too many cases of heatstroke in dogs and cats this time of year in Collierville.” said Dr. Jerry Horn, D.V.M. “As an experienced veterinarian, I can say that timely treatment of heatstroke in pets can reduce the possibility of serious health consequences. However, prevention of heatstroke is the best path for pets and their owners. Heatstroke is completely avoidable and pet owners that recognize the signs can treat dehydration and heatstroke early to prevent a pet emergency.”

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