St. Joseph Chiropractic Offers Slimdome for Weight Loss and Weight Management

ST. JOSEPH, Mo., July 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Physician supervised weight loss results are available using Slimdome for weight loss and weight management, reports St. Joseph Chiropractic. Patients struggling to lose weight with diet and exercise can progress in their weight loss and weight management goals using the Slimdome. This device uses infrared energy to increase caloric burn during a session without additional effort by the patient, and is a useful technology for weight loss when paired with other elements of a supervised weight loss program.

The Slimdome temperature rises to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is used under the care of our staff. Patients can reportedly lose up to five percent of body weight in a single 40-minute session. St. Joseph Chiropractic offers this weight management tool to patients that are looking for additional support to initiate and progress their weight loss goals. Infrared technology increases the rate of caloric burn and induces a detoxifying “Marathon Sweat” in patients. In addition to reduction of body weight, benefits of Slimdome include increased circulation, blood oxygenation, reduction of inflammation and joint pain, and improved skin tone.

Slimdome is a safe and effective treatment for patients that need more support toward their weight management goals. Patients considering Slimdome to assist in weight loss should discuss the option with a medical professional and review their medical history for any contraindications. Patients can enjoy additional calorie loss while relaxing in the Slimdome.

“Many debilitating diseases are related to excessive weight gain. Slimdome is a tool, in addition to exercise and a healthy diet, that can boost metabolic calorie burn and provide additional support toward weight loss goals,” said Dr. Craig Mattox, D.C. “In my experience of counseling patients with weight loss goals, many patients benefit from a multipronged approach in weight management. Patients can use infrared energies to add additional calorie burn to their exercise efforts without added effort. Lay back and lose up to 600 calories a session, or up to five percent of body weight while relaxing in the Slimdome.”

Dr. Craig Mattox, D.C., owner and operator, serves residents of St. Joseph, Savannah and Elwood. Their team looks to optimize patient quality of life using advanced chiropractic technologies. Services include chiropractic, cold laser therapy, disc decompression, anti-gravity treadmill and injury care. Slimdome, offered at St. Joseph Chiropractic, helps patients achieve their desired weight loss goals.

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Source: St. Joseph Chiropractic