White Oaks Veterinary Clinic Offers Flea and Tick Prevention

EDMOND, Okla., July 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners can avoid flea and tick borne diseases that can be fatal to dogs and cats, reports White Oaks Veterinary Clinic. Pet parents want to ensure beloved pets stay healthy in Central Oklahoma, an area known to have high pest populations of disease-carrying fleas and ticks. Many responsible pet owners choose to protect their pets by selecting from a variety of flea and tick control options including oral tablets, vaccinations, topical drops and eight month collars. Popular options include Nexgard, Frontline and Seresto. Pet owners appreciate the additional rebate available for prescription collars purchased in clinic.

Fleas and ticks are a serious problem, especially in Central Oklahoma, where the mild winters and huge wildlife population lead to extreme pest infestations. Ticks carry many diseases, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and Lyme disease. Veterinarians at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic’s rural suburban location see cases of tick borne diseases daily. These diseases can be fatal such as in the case of bobcat fever that will kill domestic cats. Pest control is necessary for the pets and their environment inside and immediately outside of the house. White Oaks Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of flea and tick control, oral tablets, topical drops, and eight month collars that are very effective for flea and tick control and are safer than non-prescription products.

Recommended pet vaccinations include the rabies vaccine and the distemper, parvovirus and combination vaccine for dogs. Some dogs may need to be protected from the respiratory complex of diseases including Bordetella and "kennel cough" diseases, including influenza. Dogs that roam lands that have rattlesnakes should have the life-saving rattlesnake vaccine. Outside cats need feline leukemia and the upper respiratory disease vaccines as well as rabies vaccines. Inside only cats need rabies, and the upper respiratory complex vaccine. Rabies is always fatal and upper respiratory diseases spread easily through screens or an owner's clothing.

“All responsible pet owners want to maintain the health of their pets and avoid potentially deadly diseases,” said Dr. Jennifer Bianchi. “Our team educates and assists pet owners with necessary vaccinations and appropriate flea and tick control options to avoid diseases that can damage the health of their pet. Pet owners can keep pets healthy with prescription collars, oral tablets and vaccinations from White Oaks Veterinary Clinic.”

Dr. Jennifer Bianchi and Dr. Mark Bianchi, veterinarians at White Oaks Veterinary Clinic, serve owners and pets in Edmond, Piedmont, Bethany, Meridian, Jones and Choctaw, OK. Their compassionate veterinarians and staff use the latest technology and proven methods at their Edmond animal hospital to provide high-quality animal care to Central Oklahoma pets. Services include acupuncture, flea and tick control, vaccinations, spay and neutering services, pet dentistry and surgery.

Call (405) 330-0676 to learn about flea and tick prevention or visit http://www.whiteoaksvet.com/ for details.

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