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Cramer Remix: Preparing for the toughest month of the year

Cramer Remix: Preparing for the toughest month of the year

Entering August, a historically terrible month for stocks, Jim Cramer noted a change in perspective on Wall Street to value the long-term over the short-term.

"Some people might dismiss all of this bullishness as mere froth. But I think it signals that the vicious skepticism that has held down the longer-term growth stocks could be coming to an end," the "Mad Money " host said.

Putting aside Cramer's description of Elon Musk's attitude as "I'm smarter than you and I can't bother with you," he actually found logic in the Tesla Motors CEO's long-term vision for the solar industry.

Tesla's all-stock deal to buy SolarCity for $2.6 billion showed Cramer that Musk isn't playing for this year or even next year. Investors that buy SolarCity must believe that the electric grid will fundamentally change in the next decade, he said.

Ultimately these bullish actions could mean the hatred for long-term growth stories is finally over. And if that's the case, Cramer says investors may have finally found a group that can withstand the difficult month of August.

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When Cramer looked at the charts over the weekend, it was almost impossible to tell if the economy is accelerating or slowing down.

Rallies in the stock market right now stem from two very different groups of stocks. One group tends to rally when the economy slows. The other performs well when the economy expands.

"Yet right now both groups are going higher. As someone who has studied the market for 36 years, I am telling you — it's a real conundrum," Cramer said.

So, who is right? Perhaps the economy is getting stronger without causing the Fed to raise rates.

"Maybe the better answer is that this market is like Washington: there is gridlock right now as we wait for things to resolve themselves one way or another," Cramer said.

Ionis Pharmaceutical shares jumped 30 percent on Monday on positive news of phase 3 data for its spinal muscular atrophy drug called Nusinersen, on which it partnered with Biogen.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the leading cause of infantile death worldwide. Ionis CEO Dr. Stanley Crooke spoke with Cramer on Monday, and estimated 30,000 infants around the world are born with SMA.

"You can easily come to the notion of a very large commercial opportunity," Crooke said. "Obviously that's Biogen's area of responsibility, and so I won't be able to comment further, other than we believe this is an enormous commercial opportunity."

Dr. Stanley Crooke, CEO of Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Source: Stanley Crooke

Cramer also noted the sudden change in Deluxe, which transformed itself from a totally boring company to one that produced fantastic performance.

Deluxe is more than 100 years old and was originally founded as a payment solutions play back when checks were considered cutting edge technology. The company now sells products and services for small businesses and financial institutions.

From the perspective of an obsolete play on checks, Cramer was shocked by the stock's performance. However, when he dug a little deeper, he found another side to the story.

"If you look under the hood and realize how this company is transforming itself into a provider of business services with strong growth prospects, it is clear that Deluxe's stock remains quite undervalued – and there aren't that many obviously cheap stocks left in this market," Cramer said.

In the first half of the year, one group that skyrocketed were the real estate investment trusts as investors flocked to stocks that offered yield.

Kimco Realty was one of the winners of the group, up 21 percent for the year. Kimco is North America's largest publicly traded owner and operator of open-air shopping centers. It reported a robust quarter on Wednesday, along with a series of initiatives that will clean up its balance sheet and control costs.

Cramer spoke with Kimco's CEO Conor Flynn, who confirmed the strength of the company.

"This last quarter, the new leases we signed were almost 30 percent higher than the previous rent that was being paid. So, you can see the supply and the demand that we have going in our favor right now," Flynn said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Infinera Corp: "I was on that conference call last week, and I've got to tell you, don't buy. That was terrible."

Suncoke Energy Partners: "That dividend is such a red flag, I've actually got to run away from that thing, not towards it. That is too hard for me to think that Suncoke can maintain that."