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-Stock futures are a bit lower as investors are reacting to bank stocks falling in Europe and a new economic stimulus program in Japan.

-Foreign investment in US stocks and Treasury bonds has been steadily dropping all year.


-Crude is up a bit right now and back to the $40/barrel level.

-Gasoline prices fell another penny overnight to $2.12/gallon, national average.


-Warren Buffett delivered a withering attack on Donald Trump at a Hillary Clinton rally in Nebraska last evening. He ridiculed his business record and challenged him to release his tax returns.

-Trump's lead over Hillary Clinton in the LA Times/USC poll is down to two points.


-Smith and Wesson shares hit an all time high yesterday after the FBI announced that last month was the busiest gun buyer background check period ever for July.

-ISIS is making a specific threat against the Olympics in Rio.

-JCS Chairman General Joseph Dunford is trying to cool down the post-coup anti-American sentiment in Turkey.

-The good news is the new F-35 is even more stealthy than originally thought. The bad news is that's making it hard to test in many training exercises and war games.

-The US Air Force wants to update its ICBM arsenal and is calling for bids and proposals from contractors. Boeing made the current arsenal of 500 Minuteman ICBMs at a cost of $7 million each.

-The Pentagon is asking the tech sector to help it implement a better intelligence gathering system that will avoid infringing too much on US citizens'privacy.


-A bioscience company owned by Google is working on fixing and preventing organ damage by using electronic pulses.