Orbis's Flying Eye Hospital at Google’s Moffett Field

ORBIS SV Press Release



Orbis, the international nonprofit that fights blindness around the world unveils their new Flying Eye Hospital at Moffett Field, hosted by Google. More than six years in the making, the third-generation Flying Eye Hospital is the world’s only mobile ophthalmic teaching hospital on board an MD-10 aircraft. Hundreds of experts have come together to combine the latest in avionics, hospital engineering, technology and clinical expertise to make the new Flying Eye Hospital a reality. It features a modular design, 3D technology and live broadcast capabilities enabling Orbis, with their expert Volunteer Faculty, to train more doctors, more nurses and healthcare professionals—ultimately treating more people and restoring their sight.

Orbis is the 30-year-old international nonprofit that created the Flying Eye Hospital. Fed-Ex donated the huge MD-10 plane which has been converted into the "world's only ophthalmic teaching hospital onboard an MD-10 aircraft”.

WHAT: FLYING EYE HOSPITAL -- featuring a state-of-the-art, fully accredited eye hospital with technology to transmit live surgeries around the world in 3D!"

WHERE: at Google’s Moffett Field -- Tours and Press interviews August 8-12;

WHEN: August 8-12, Monday - Friday (details below)

WHY: Moffett Field is the Flying Eye Hospital’s last stop following a U.S. six cities tour before the plane takes off to Asia...first stop, China...for working its mission, which is "to end curable blindness in the world".

HERE is a 47 seconds look at the Flying Eye Hospital:

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

VISUALS: Dramatic Exterior; unusual and Intricate medical technology interior shots;

PRESS INTERVIEWS and TOURS: Orbis CEO Bob Ranck and Flying Eye Chief Pilot, Captain Gary Dyson and ophthalmologists are available as follows or can be arranged by request at other times:

Monday, August 8
Tuesday, August 9
Wednesday, August 10
3-7:30pm –
7:30pm Reception/Open House
Thursday, August 11
Friday, August 12
10am-2:30pm (the earlier the better)

To request additional information or to schedule your personal FLYING EYE HOSPITAL TOUR and INTERVIEW, PLEASE CALL:
LaNor Maune 408-287-1700
cell/text: 650-996-1508

Matt Lim: 408-287-1700
cell/text: 408-687-8001

Brenna Bolger:
cell/text: 408-838-6673

Social Media:
For more information on Orbis and the Flying Eye Hospital, visit www.orbis.org or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FlyingEyeHospital.

ADDITIONAL ORBIS INFO: In 2015 alone, more than 2 million screenings and exams were performed on the Flying Eye Hospital and at partner institutions, and 30,000 trainings were conducted for doctors, nurses, eye care workers, community workers and volunteers. 1.5 million screenings were conducted for pediatrics patients, and nearly 25,000 pediatric surgeries out of a total of 66,000 eye surgeries were performed last year.

Source: Orbis International Headquarters