NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., Aug. 9, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This summer Kontextür literally dives into uncharted waters launching Shark and Diver, the first in a series of exciting and imaginative DIY toy assembly kits in collaboration with Brooklyn-based designer Matt Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh masterfully casts minimalist design into the orbit of PLAY, transforming a system of flat die-cut vinyl and screws into remarkably life-like kinetic creatures. The first two designs in the series, The Shark and Diver, are inspired by complex paper airplanes (and other instructive DIY toys) that challenge the mind, stimulate connections of brain and hand and give insight into how things are made. The DIY kits also encourage endless hours of creative play once complete.

Kontextür's founder Kenneth Schiller said, "I was intrigued by objects that serve not just for their aesthetic truth but to encourage our explorative, playful instincts. Matt captures the pure enjoyment of using your hands to assemble and create durable pieces of art by imbuing life into simple industrial materials. This collaboration with Kontextür is proof of the amazing things that come from PLAY."

The Shark: Kontextür celebrates the glory of the Great White with this minimalist designer toy. Articulated joints allow the tail to swing from side to side mimicking the graceful and powerful tail thrusts of a real shark and the hinged monstrous jaws open and close.

The Diver: The Scuba Diver, with oxygen tanks in tow, plunges with equal parts excitement and fear into the unknown. Put your fingers inside the diver's torso to make the legs flutter kick as the Diver observes the wonders of the ocean with newfound respect for the awesome universe below.

Kontextur honors this spirit of curiosity, exploration and conservation.

The Designer: Matt Cavanaugh arrived at the final designs using an organic process that adheres to the Kontextür PLAY focus on creating a hands-on experience that is intrinsic to human nature. "From early on in my discussions with Kontextür, it became obvious that the way I was building the prototypes, pinning the paper pieces with binding posts, could make a great DIY kit. People could build the Shark and Diver themselves and experience first hand the imaginative solutions I arrived at to fold and bend flat materials to create complex forms," said Matt.

The Whole Package: Schiller and Cavanaugh worked to integrate Matt's design process into the packaging. An accordion style folder opens to reveal that's needed to build the toys - cut vinyl filets and screws of the process - with graphic art and a descriptive how-to. The packaging presentation aims to reflect the experience while also having some fun with it.
The spirit of PLAY is 21st Century ready. It is brought to the user with an interactive, step-by-step visual instruction-guide online at Kontextür's website. The DIY kits retail for $39.50 each. For ages 6 and Up.

About Kontextür

Kontextür is a New York-based company known for reimagined and unexpected home accessory design. Their playful approach to home objects is result of their commitment to evolve the perception of everyday tools, while keeping an eye toward the future of modern décor. With and abiding drive to only make sleek and cool things, founder and creative director, Kenneth Schiller, leads a diverse cadre of emerging and established global designers to continuously push boundaries and rethink the ordinary.

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