Point Blank Enterprises to Exhibit Ground-breaking Advanced Tactical Armor Systems and Accessories, including Active Shooter Response Solutions, at the 2016 NTOA Conference

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Aug. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Point Blank Enterprises (“Point Blank” or “PBE”), the worldwide leader in the production of soft body armor and related protective solutions, will be demonstrating its newest innovations in advanced tactical armor systems, carrier designs and hard-armor products at the 2016 National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Tactical Operations Conference. PBE will display its range of advanced offerings at booth #407 during the expo, which runs from August 14-19 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

Among the latest ballistics armor and accessories that attendees will view first-hand, are PBE’s revolutionary Alpha-1 tactical armor system, SOHPC GEN III hard plate carrier, 555 Steel Plates, and Trifecta X shield. All are offered under the Company’s Point Blank Body Armor and PARACLETE brands:

  • Alpha-1 – This revolutionary tactical armor system offers high-performance ballistic protection integrated in a fully functional and scalable design to meet specific mission needs. With split-second precision, the vest can be immediately released in two quick movements without the use of hardware or cables.
  • SOHPC GEN III – This plate carrier tactical system is innovatively designed to provide unmatched comfort, protection and adaptability. Through the addition of an adjustable cummerbund and optional side plate pouches for hard armor plates, the SOHPC is the operator’s choice for today’s missions.
  • 555 Steel Plates – These high performance plates defeat high velocity rifle rounds which include the M80, M855 Green Tip, M193, and M43. Engineered with a patented heat quench process, the 555 Steel Plate’s fine grain, martensitic micro-structure provides high tensile strength, resulting in exceptional ballistic performance coupled with minimal back-face deformation.
  • Trifecta X Shield – This state-of-the-art shield provides officers with NIJ Level III plus protection in a lightweight design for immediate active shooter response. The shield’s robustness delivers high-performance protection and optimal functionality.

Additionally, the Company will introduce its most advanced material technologies yet. These advancements include the first-of-its-kind Zephyr Frame System, designed to offer maximum comfort and airflow between the operator and their PBE tactical carrier. The incredibly durable Frame System creates a standoff using a positive tension system suspending the carrier off of the wearer’s chest and back allowing openings on the top, bottom, and both sides. The side channels allow air and wind to travel laterally under the tactical carrier, while the top and bottom openings allow hot air to escape while cooler air circulates in. The standoff beneath the carrier also creates an impact reduction effect, drastically reducing back-face by 60% or more. This suspended area increases comfort, as there are no hard points or dense foam to create pressure points. The shape of the Zephyr Frame allows the system to work as a lightweight load lift, creating two wedge shapes in the front and back, which support the weight of the carrier and takes pressure off the shoulder. The load is transferred instead to the mid torso without the need for a belt or ridged element connecting the kit to the hips, which allows for maximum mobility. Blunt trauma from handgun and rifle rounds will be reduced greater than 80% when the Zephyr Frame System is used in-conjunction with PBE advanced armor solutions. This game changing reduction in blunt force trauma will significantly enhance the tactical officer’s ability to survive and continue the fight.

PBE, in partnership with DSM Dyneema®, will also be showcasing its first-to-market laser cut carrier vests with Dyneema® Fabric. This next-generation fabric is three times stronger than those used in traditional carriers and was developed to bring unprecedented high-strength, low density and water-resistance benefits to officers. Compared to the typical nylon MOLLE webbing used on many tactical vests today, the thin, yet exceptionally durable Dyneema® Fabric significantly reduces the weight associated with thick nylon webbing. Not to mention, the material is specially designed to decrease moisture absorption. The ultra-high molecular weight material provides the load-bearing and comfort capabilities that tactical officers need in their vests, enabling them to perform optimally even under the most extreme conditions.

“We’re very excited to showcase our wide assortment of advanced tactical armor solutions at this year’s NTOA show, including some of the firsts the industry has seen,” stated Michael Foreman, EVP of International Business Development, Federal Sales and Marketing at Point Blank Enterprises. “Our leading-edge armor technologies continue to gain momentum in the marketplace and are being utilized by many elite U.S. and global law enforcement tactical units. We look forward to engaging with conference attendees, including our customers and partners, with the goal of sharing updates on PBE’s new and enhanced products and gaining greater insights about the life-saving capabilities officers are depending on more than ever.”

In the wake of increasing active shooter incidents, the Point Blank team will also address the issue of active shooter preparation for first responders. PBE is working closely with agencies nationwide to provide law enforcement officers and first responders with the protection and operational flexibility they need when duty calls. This includes developing advanced “Active Shooter Response Kits” that focus on the “up-armor” concept. These state-of-the-art packages comprise specialized hard armor plate carriers for rapid donning over existing body armor; special threats-tested hard armor plates capable of defeating high-powered Level III and Level IV rifle rounds; and Level III plus tactical helmets and shields which officers can quickly and easily use when a threat situation escalates.

Hundreds of officers from law enforcement tactical units across the country rely on PBE’s solutions, many of them the largest and most prestigious in the world, These include the New York Police Department ESU, New York State Police SRT, Maine State Police SWAT, Chicago Police Department, Miami-Dade Police SRT, Orlando Police Department (FL), Montreal Police Department (CAN), Los Angeles Police Metro, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Threat Interdiction Unit, Orange County Sheriff’s Office (FL), Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office (FL), Camden County SWAT (NJ), Atlantic County SWAT (NJ), Fort Lee SWAT (NJ), Somerset County SWAT (NJ), Virginia State Police SWAT, Prince William County Police (MD), Boise Police Department (ID), Bellingham Police Department (WA), Bend Police Department and Central Oregon Regional SWAT (OR), Tampa Police Department (FL), Dallas County Police (TX), North Texas Metro, NASA Kennedy Space Center, Cincinnati Police, Indianapolis Police, Indiana State Police, and Louisville Metro Police along with many other prominent Federal, State and local agencies.

Foreman concluded, “Our Point Blank team takes great pride in serving our courageous officers and first responders. We remain committed to developing and delivering stronger, higher-performing, lighter and more comfortable ballistic armor packages that better protect officers, so that they can do their jobs more effectively -- whenever and wherever they are called upon – and keep the public safer. We can’t emphasize that enough in today’s climate. As we look to 2017, PBE will work even more proactively with agencies and our industry partners to support the marketplace with best in class solutions.”

About Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.
Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. (“PBEI”) is a leading provider of high performance protective solutions, including bullet, fragmentation and stab resistant apparel and related accessories. Through its key brands, Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Apparel Corporation of America (PACA), Protective Products and PARACLETE®, the Company ranks as the largest global supplier of ballistic and soft armor systems in the world. The Company’s ballistic solutions have been credited with saving countless lives for the most important customers in the world, including the U.S. Armed Forces, Department of Defense, Federal Government and law enforcement, corrections and security personnel, both domestically and abroad. For more information on our Company, please visit our website at www.pointblankenterprises.com.

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