Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia Offer Orthopedic Surgery to Relieve Pain

NORCROSS, Ga., Aug. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Some patients require orthopedic surgery to address their needs when non-invasive methods and previous surgeries have failed to offer them adequate relief, reports Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia. Spinal injections and minimally-invasive spinal surgery offer patients significant relief for conditions that have not been helped from other treatments and surgery. Orthopedic surgery can effectively reduce pressure on spinal nerves and replace deteriorated vertebrae to improve spinal health. Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia staff use the least invasive techniques possible to provide patients pain relief and desired outcomes.

Dr. Miguel Jimenez, a board certified orthopedic and spine surgeon, has over 13 years of experience performing minimally-invasive spinal surgery. Many patients that receive minimally-invasive spinal surgery enjoy shorter recovery times and can go home either the same day or the day following the procedure. From spinal injection procedures to minimally-invasive spinal surgery, Dr. Jimenez offers the least invasive and effective options for individual patient needs.

At Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia, non-invasive techniques are the first course applied to address painful conditions. There may be time times when orthopedic surgery is necessary, however less than one percent of Dr. Jimenez’ patients with qualifying conditions end up undergoing the procedure. His first approach is to treat the pain with chiropractic care, physical therapy, medications, and then spinal injections if pain is still an issue for the patient.

Spinal injections are used as a diagnostics tool and to help relieve pain in patients. An injection combining corticosteroids and anesthetics can provide significant pain relief for months after a treatment. Patients turn to orthopedic surgery for displaced or herniated discs when other options have failed to address their pain. Minimally-invasive spinal surgery is another option using smaller incisions for more rapid recovery.

“There are times when surgery is necessary to address pain and serious spinal conditions,” says Dr. Jimenez, an experienced orthopedic and spine surgeon. “I offer spinal injections and minimally-invasive spinal surgery to address such conditions. As an experienced Norcross orthopedic surgeon, I am excited to offer patients this opportunity for effective treatment for degenerated spinal discs and more.”

Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia serves residents in and around Norcross, GA. The team was awarded America’s Best Chiropractors in 2016 and can communicate with patients in English, Spanish and Farsi. Patients benefit from having any procedures performed by the orthopedist, including surgery, covered under the patients Lien. This integrated chiropractic and orthopedic office offers services including chiropractic spinal adjustments, VibraCussor, massage therapy, ultrasound rehabilitation, orthopedic services such as spinal cord stimulation, transforaminal epidural, facet nerve blocks and orthopedic surgery.

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