Space Center Eye Associates Offers Advanced BlephEx Cleaning for Dry Eyes

HOUSTON, Aug. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BlephEx treatment reduces irritation and bacteria buildup related to dry eye, infections and other eye complications, reports Space Center Eye Associates. This Houston clinic uses innovative BlephEx technologies to clean the lids and lashes of those susceptible to certain eye conditions. BlephEx treatments are recommended to applicable patients every six months to maintain eye health. Patients avail themselves of BlephEx as part of the eye health maintenance program at Space Center Eye Associates.

Optometrists recommend regular cleaning of eyelids and eyelashes for those who may develop bacteria buildup, dry eye or other eye health conditions. BlephEx is a mild lid-gland exfoliator applied with a precise handpiece that spins a special micro-sponge along lashes and the edge of eyelids. The BlephEx tool rids eyes of debris while exfoliating eyelids. Fresh sponges are used for each patient and the procedure takes approximately 8 minutes. Patients experience no pain and report a tickling sensation during the procedure. Suggested home treatments help reduce some buildup but thorough exfoliation with BlephEx is recommended every 4-6 months. Exfoliation, in addition to eye drops, helps decrease feelings of grit, discomfort and improves vision in patients who are prone to dry eye and bacteria buildup. The exfoliator helps reduce the gritty feeling often experienced by patients with dry eyes.

Dry eye is a condition that occurs when individuals do not produce enough quality tears for eye nourishment and lubrication. Older adults commonly report experiencing dry eye. Tear amount and quality affects eye health and enables clear vision. Dry eye patients can experience blurred vision, excess watering, burning or scratchy eyes, grittiness and irritation. This condition is known to impair vision by damaging the eye surface as it advances.

“Nothing is more important to us than the eye health of our patients,” said Dr. Beth Robinson. “As an experienced optometrist, I see the results of BlephEx exfoliation on patients, how their eye health is maintained and how their vision stays clearer with regular cleanings. Patients can effectively address eye health conditions including dry eye and bacteria buildup with this simple in-office procedure in less than 10 minutes.”

Dr. Beth Robinson and Dr. Keith Manuel offer their eye health expertise to residents of Houston and Clear Lake. Patients benefit from compassionate care and the latest technologies for all family vision and eye health needs at Space Center Eye Associates. Services at this Houston eye clinic include comprehensive exams, eye disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, vision testing, contact lenses and pre- and post-operative LASIK care.

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