Donald Trump hands Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon new roles in campaign

Ali Vitali
Trump shakes up campaign leadership
Donald Trump gives new roles in campaign
Trump to get classified intelligence briefing

Donald Trump is shaking up his campaign's leadership amid flagging poll numbers, NBC News has learned.

Kellyanne Conway — already a senior adviser to the campaign — told NBC News she has been promoted to the role of campaign manager. She confirmed that Paul Manafort will stay on as campaign chair but said Stephen Bannon, the co-founder of conservative Breitbart News, will come on board as campaign CEO.

The moves were first reported by The Wall Street Journal and mark yet another round of internal shakeups for a campaign that seems to be struggling to find consistent footing.

The Trump campaign parted ways with controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after the primaries ended, citing a new phase of the campaign.

Kellyanne Conway
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Manafort had been unofficially filling the role of campaign manager after Lewandowski's departure, but himself has been the subject of controversy amid questions over his ties to ousted Ukrainian Prime Minister Victor Yanukovich.

Trump has been trailing in polls to rival Hillary Clinton, with some Republicans publicly pressuring the Republican National Committee to abandon Trump's bid and instead focus on down ballot races.