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Frank Ocean releases new visual album called Endless on Apple Music

Rich McCormick
Frank Ocean
Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images

It's not Boys Don't Cry, but Frank Ocean has a new album — of sorts — available on Apple Music. Described as a "visual album," Endless is a 45-minute video that features new songs, playing as Ocean works in the same warehouse that he has used in his previous live streams. The visual album is an Apple Music exclusive, but Ocean gave all fans the chance to hear Endless earlier tonight, streaming the entire video on loop on his website.

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The video is an Apple Music exclusive

Ocean's approach follows that of Beyoncé, who put out visual albums as accompaniments to her last two major releases — a move that suggests Boys Don't Cry might be coming very soon. That release will be Ocean's third studio album and his most recent release since 2012's widely acclaimed Channel Orange, and is also set to be an Apple Music exclusive, seeing Ocean join Drake, Taylor Swift, and Britney Spears in putting a new release on the service before Apple's rivals' streaming options.

Ocean has played his cards close to his chest with Boys Don't Cry. He hinted first at a July 2015 release in a Tumblr post, but that date passed without a new album from the songwriter and R&B star. Fans have spent the last year bemoaning the lack of news about Ocean's next release, but interest was renewed when Ocean appeared in a mysterious Apple-hosted live stream showed the singer tinkering away in a woodworking shop — the same shop featured in Endless. It might not be a full studio album, but for fans, the visual album is at least some new music from the R&B genius.