Successful CoreLife Eatery active lifestyle restaurant launches franchising opportunities

Binghamton, New York, Aug. 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The CoreLife Eatery executive team is taking its active lifestyle restaurant national with the launch of franchising opportunities a little more than a year after the first location opened its doors. With the mission of making clean, healthy food accessible to local communities every day, CoreLife Eatery is experiencing rapid growth as customers continually seek healthy options compatible with their busy lives. Due to incredibly strong first year sales data and consistent community support and demand, they see franchising as the best way to strategically launch their concept in key markets around the country.

“The response to the CoreLife Eatery model has been overwhelmingly positive in such a short time. We simply cannot grow fast enough by ourselves to meet customer demand,” said Company President Larry Wilson. “Opening up the brand to franchising will allow more communities around the country to benefit from this new concept in clean, healthy eating and living.”

CoreLife Eatery is planning to open five more corporate stores this year and an additional fifteen in 2017. The company plans on having 100 corporate restaurants throughout the eastern and central states by the end of 2021. Meanwhile, the CoreLife franchising team aims to also open 200 franchise restaurants on a national scale over the next five years. Built by operators who have themselves been franchisees of other concepts, CoreLife Eatery has developed strong support systems for identifying sites, building out and starting up eateries and ongoing training and operations support.

With greens, grains and bone broth as basic building blocks, CoreLife Eatery focuses on food first through high-level customization of menu items. The single line service system and a narrowly defined menu structure allow for maximum interaction with guests, which virtually eliminates order error or surprise. Simultaneously, there is great profit potential because of the simplicity of their ingredients and the end-to-end use of all vegetables, proteins and add-ons. Dressings, broths and beverages are made from scratch every day in each location so there is a noticeable differentiation from other dining alternatives.

CoreLife Eatery takes its mission as an active lifestyle restaurant seriously and participates in a variety of community events. Through fitness festivals and special yoga feast events, CoreLife Eatery invites members of the public to enjoy delicious culinary creations and explore and improve upon their overall wellness.

Four essential pillars set CoreLife Eatery apart from competitors in the market place—quality of ingredients and fresh prepared recipes, the specialness of our eatery space driven by our design and choice of materials, our commitment to training before, during and after eatery openings and our connection to our “audience of influencers” through social media and local outreach. CoreLife Eatery uses social media to reinforce its strong position with its customers, boasting an impressive level of audience satisfaction that is at the top of the industry.

Potential franchisees must show evidence of successful experience and an established infrastructure in multi-unit franchising, including but not limited to back office support, training, operations and leadership. Franchisees must demonstrate financial ability to open Eateries based on development agreements. CoreLife Eatery has a deep sense of community and expects franchisees to embody that same philosophy. For more information on franchising opportunities, please visit

With its roots in New York, there are currently four CoreLife Eatery locations operating in Syracuse, Webster, Greece, New York and Strongsville, Ohio. Led by President Larry Wilson, the CoreLife Eatery executive team brings individual successes and skill sets to help the restaurant grow to meet the needs of more communities lacking convenient access to healthy and affordable clean eating alternatives. CoreLife Eatery plans to expand to 300 total locations, including both corporate and franchise restaurants, over the next five years. For more information, please visit

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