FFUN Recreation Dealer Group Trusts Dealer Spike with Ten Dealership Websites

Portland, OR, Aug. 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canadian dealership group FFUN Recreation experienced a 1,561% average increase in leads across its 10 dealerships during the first year with web provider Dealer Spike. Previously, the company’s sites were hosted by Powersports Network and a variety of local providers.

FFUN Recreation's homepage provides navigation to dealer sites in the four industries it serves.

FFUN Recreation is a division of FFUN Group, one of Canada’s leading companies. The entrepreneurial business powerhouse recently re-qualified as one of Canada’s 50 Best-Managed Companies for the second year in a row.

The company has steadily continued to prove successful, but the websites were not a huge factor in that success until FFUN Recreation made the move to Dealer Spike. Derek Larke, Director of Marketing, says the old websites just didn’t have the look or feel that his team wanted for the company.

“In today’s market, we’re seeing eighty percent of people go online to do initial research on a unit. The website is the first introduction of our brand,” Larke explains. FFUN Recreation wanted a web presence that was both pleasing to the eye and also distributed information well.

“Our partnership with Dealer Spike came about through Harley-Davidson – we were talking to them about best-in-class web providers. They mentioned Dealer Spike and showed us some of the work that had been done in the U.S.,” Larke says.

FFUN Recreation’s previous websites were “totally different,” according to Larke. The layouts had a white background, smaller pictures, and no banner interface. Larke cites the new black background on most sites, large images, and banner capabilities to be major improvements. He mentions the events calendar and the lead pop forms as effective tools he often uses.

Larke calls the new FFUN Recreation websites “cleaner, way more modern, with good design elements.” He appreciates backend tools that make edits and changes easy for him and his hands-on marketing team. Dealer Spike has also provided FFUN Recreation with a toolbox of effective lead generating strategies. “Our site has a lot of call-to-action buttons that get people to send us an email, plus we have the chat function which also helps customers get information,” Larke says. He credits data collection as a major reason for increased leads on the new sites.

“We are proud and honored to partner with one of the most outstanding dealership groups in Canada,” says Jay Mason, CEO of Dealer Spike. “We share a common goal with FFUN Recreation – a commitment to driving excellence for our customers. We are committed to helping FFUN Recreation, and its neighboring Canadian dealerships, achieve major results in all of the industries we serve.”

Dealerships are no longer in the process of transitioning to an online-first world – that transition has occurred. Customers are on the Internet, so dealerships need to be there too, and they need to offer a powerful first impression. FFUN Recreation provides a great example of just that. The group offers a solid product that continues to attract customers from across Canada and beyond.

About FFUN Group

FFUN Group began in the automotive field with nine car dealerships across Saskatchewan, Canada. The progression into additional dealership industries came from efforts to diversify into other product areas. New dealership purchases in the powersports, marine, RV, and trailer businesses began in 2013. The company’s slogan is “First, Fast, and Fun” and they promote their drive for excellence through community-focused values.

About Dealer Spike

Dealer Spike is a digital advertising company focused on helping to increase sales through online advertising for dealerships in the powersports, automotive, RV, trailer, marine, truck, and heavy equipment industries for agriculture, lawn/garden, and construction. The team at Dealer Spike provides powerful, distinctive, results-driven web solutions and tools to thousands of dealers worldwide.

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