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The Power Brief

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A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-Stock futures are higher with another lower volume day expected as the markets stayi n holding mode. Best Buy earnings are out later.


-Crude prices continue to slip this week. They're down about 1% now to the $46/barrel level.

-Gasoline prices rose another penny overnight to $2.17/gallon, national average.


-Today's LA Times/USC poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied.

-Trump is demanding that a special prosecutor be appointed to look into Clinton's tenure at the State Department amid the release of 15,000 more emails Clinton did not turn over to the FBI and more evidence of special access given to top donors to the Clinton Foundation.

-Trump detailed a more nuanced immigration policy last night, calling for a focus on deporting criminals and gangs and putting the others on a different track.


-Apple is reportedly planning three new iPhones for 2017.

-Amazon is looking to provide a streaming music service that will cost half of what competitors are looking to charge. Amazon would charge $4 or $5 per month.


-Apple has discussed buying Lyft.


-The FBI is trying to determine if a stabbing in Roanoke, Virginia over the weekend was ISIS inspired.

-EU Chief Jean Claude Juncker is calling for open borders and says borders are the "worst invention ever."


-By Thursday, the US Patent Office is expected to decide whether Teva's double dose Copaxone treatment for MS should continue to get protection from generic competition. The decision is expected to move the stock about 10% either way. Copaxone provides more than 21% of Teva's revenues.

-In light of the Pfizer deal to buy Medivation, Bernie Sanders is calling on the company to lower the price of Medivation's prostate cancer drug, Xtandi.


-That $60 million high school football stadium in McKinney, Texas that everyone went crazy about is now going to cost $70 million.