Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital Prevents Parasite Infection in Pets

DUARTE, Calif., Aug. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Although it’s peak season for fleas and ticks, these external parasites are causes for concern year round in warm regions. Another parasite that infects pets all year long, although less outwardly noticeable, is heartworm, reports Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital. Whether a pet lives indoors or outdoors, it is susceptible to bites from mosquitoes infected with heartworm larvae.

"Preventing heartworm illness is one of the easiest things a pet owner can do," Dr. Zabihi says. It involves monthly doses of preventative medications, some of which are topical and others oral. In contrast, advanced heartworm infection may require life-saving surgery.

Regarding flea bites, Dr. Rahim Zabihi of the Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital says, "You may notice your pet losing fur and developing skin infections in areas where it scratches flea bites." He adds that antibiotics may be necessary as well as collars, shampoos and powders that control ticks as well as fleas.

Tick bites are a major skin irritant easily encountered while outdoors, particularly on hikes in tall grass areas. The bites are especially dangerous due to carrying Lyme disease bacteria. "Pet owners should examine their pet's skin daily for fleas and ticks," Dr. Zabihi says. He notes that a veterinarian can demonstrate an effective procedure for checking parasite hideouts.

Dr. Zabihi recommends doing a quick search for ticks by running your fingers through a pet's fur and touching the skin to search for tiny bumps. Ticks are easier to see than fleas, because they are bigger and hardly move once they latch on for a blood meal lasting several days. When you find one, he explains, grasp it as close to the skin's surface as possible with fine-tipped tweezers and pull it straight out. "Crushing or twisting a tick can make it release bacteria into your pet's bloodstream," Dr. Zabihi warns.

Pet owners may feel helpless as they watch their dogs and cats chew on areas affected by a rash, rub against furniture, and constantly itch due to fleas and ticks. Or, unaware of heartworm, they may be mystified by pet ailments such as coughing and fainting.

All these symptoms are calls to action for pet owners who can seek solutions at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, 2714 East Huntington Drive in Azusa. They carry medications to protect pets from external parasites and the skin allergies they can cause. The veterinary clinic serves Azusa, Arcadia, Bradbury, Covina, Duarte, Glendora, Monrovia, the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas.

According to Dr. Zabihi, "Regular well-care exams can help prevent or alleviate parasite problems before they become serious."

From wellness care to surgery, Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic open Monday through Saturday. To schedule an appointment, call the animal hospital at (626) 357-2251, or visit their website at http://duarteazusaanimalhospital.com/ for more details.

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