Highland Chiropractic Offers Electrotherapy for Neuropathy Symptom Treatment Using the Z TEK

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Patients respond positively and experience fewer muscle spasms and significant pain relief with the use of Z TEK, reports Highland Chiropractic. This advanced portable device is an effective treatment and diagnosis tool for individuals suffering from neck pain, back pain and neuropathic conditions. The Z TEK is easy to use and can be combined with range of motion activities, walking, subtle manipulations and more to enhance chiropractic delivery of care and break long-held muscle spasms that are often more painful than the original injury. Even post-surgical and post-traumatic patients can experience significant relief with the Z TEK device. This drug-free alternative offering neuropathic pain relief is available at Highland Chiropractic.

Neuropathy conditions are addressed in-office with the Z TEK device. The device is portable and convenient to use. Clinicians use Z TEK electrotherapy in cases of symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain. The Z TEK is also used for those who need pain relief after a trauma or surgery. Z TEK is an affordable alternative for patients that want to return to work and daily activities and reduce their discomfort. Z TEK is effectively used to control muscle spasms and has been used in patients with disc injuries and multiple sclerosis. Chiropractors can also use Z TEK to reduce muscle tension to get an accurate diagnosis of injury in the affected area. Muscle relaxation with this device can be achieved in as little as 15-20 minutes without the potential for adverse drug side effects found in pharmaceuticals.

Z TEK is a simple device to use on a patient. Patients sit upright as electrodes are placed on specific areas. A band is wrapped around the electrodes to secure them. The frequency is adjusted to reduce spasticity and allow patients to walk comfortably and perform range of motions activities under chiropractic supervision.

“There are patients that we see who are in chronic pain and once depended upon opioids to get through their day,” said Dr. Charles Copeland. “As an experienced Louisville chiropractor, I can now offer them an alternative source of relief with Z TEK. This device reduces muscle spasms, spinal decompressions and discomfort in patients and allows us to address underlying issues. Patient response to the Z TEK has been overwhelmingly positive. Many report feeling significant relief after a single use.”

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