Adapt IP Announces Web Collaboration and Conferencing Patent Portfolio and Technology Offering

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 30, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Family Systems Ltd. and Adapt IP Ventures, LLC announce a partnership focused on Family Systems’ Web Collaboration and Enhanced Conferencing patent families and technologies. Adapt IP is initially seeking companies interested in acquiring rights to this patent portfolio and prototype software.

The Web Collaboration and Enhanced Conferencing patent families include issued and pending U.S. patents. This patent portfolio has been cited by companies including Google, Intellectual Ventures, IBM, Chacha Search, RedHat, Microsoft, Xerox, Oracle, HP and SnapChat. Family Systems has also built many of the patented features into its’ Verbol Voice software prototype that include sophisticated features complimentary to leading services such as WhatsApp. Market drivers for the value of this patent portfolio and technology include growth of WebRTC for voice and video communication direct from the browser and increased interaction with “bots”, including speaking to objects such as automated assistants which IoT will also accelerate.

Summary of offering:

  • The Cooperative Browsing Patents lead to improved human communication through sharing content and voicechat as participants converse in collaboration or social interaction making conversations an asset.
  • The Automated Assistant Patents enable automated assistants we can chat with to add behaviors to content such as interactive text, voice and scripts, glossarize chat, scripting of personas able to chat with us, talking objects and replaying earlier conversations to replicate the experience.
  • The Enhanced Conferencing Patents switches between voicechat and conferencing when events occur such as a participant pausing or several speaking at once. This enables seamless transitions caused simply by the act of speaking, so playing a conversation and replying is just like being there and conference call participants enjoy a range of new freedoms.

Grant Moss, President of Adapt IP Ventures believes, “After engagement with the inventor and long-time entrepreneur, Brian Reynolds, we anticipate that leading providers of collaboration and conferencing tools including Google, Facebook / WhatsApp, Salesforce, Microsoft / Skype, Slack, Cisco, etc. will value features embodied in the Family Systems patent portfolio and software. This patent portfolio is clearly relevant to the evolution of such services and their monetization.”

Companies interested in receiving more information on the Family Systems technology and patent portfolio are encouraged to contact Grant Moss directly at

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About Family Systems Ltd.
Family Systems Ltd. was founded by Brian Reynolds, who previously founded and was chairman of Micro Focus International, a leading technology company, to hold intellectual property and to develop Verbol voice based on the needs he perceived during his work experience managing an international software company while keeping in touch with his children.

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