How this couple works remotely while exploring the world

Source: Adventure Co Duo

Most travel adventures have a start and end date. But for one couple, being able to work remotely means their global expedition doesn't have to end.

For the past 10 months, Eric and Allison Bieller have worked from the road, traveling through 14 countries and 16 states in the U.S. They've gone sledding down sand dunes in New Mexico, biked through Milan and climbed mountains in Austria — all while bringing in a paycheck.

"We also realized that our happiest moments came when we were traveling and having new adventures, so that's what we decided to do ... permanently," Eric told CNBC.

Allison, 29 and Eric, 30 said that financial planning and remote work have enabled them to travel the world.
Source: Adventure Co Duo

Eric, 30, helps teach a user interface (UI) design course online and works on freelance projects. That brings in enough money to support the couple's monthly spending of about $3,500 (most of which goes to airfare).

Allison, 29, manages the couple's blog, "The Endless Adventure," which she hopes will soon become profitable. She also handles the couple's budgeting and business outreach.

"Definitely the hardest part of the whole thing is making it work financially," Eric said.

Saving up money was key. For the past several years, Allison and Eric both worked at start-ups in San Francisco, and Eric eventually started his own business.

Although his company never took off, the couple saved enough money to pay off their college debt and amass $10,000 in savings. They vigorously cut down on spending and made extra income from renting out their apartment during the holidays.

"We were just kind of sick of the start-up life," Allison said. "We were like, 'What are we doing?'"

In October 2015, the duo set off on their adventure and haven't looked back.

Here are their tips for working remotely, from anywhere:

  • Book lodging with Wi-Fi, and find backup locations like nearby internet cafes or public Wi-Fi spots.
  • Get a global cellphone plan with data, so you don't have to constantly switch numbers or carry around SIM cards with unused data. (They use a global T-Mobile plan.)
  • Skip the keyboard and mouse. Every pound counts when you're lugging a suitcase.
  • Pack a couple of universal converters. (You're likely to leave one at a hotel, Allison said.)
  • Learn if your phone is capable of "tethering" or purchase a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Make sure you have health insurance coverage.
  • Manage your time well, so you have dedicated work hours and time for fun.
Source: Adventure Co Duo

The couple has health insurance through Eric's start-up company, but will soon have to decide how to get coverage once it expires in September. They don't have children, and said they will figure out if and how to travel with kids down the line.

"There is no end date in sight," Allison said. "We're going to keep going as long as we can."

Correction: Eric and Allison Bieller have worked from the road for the past 10 months. An earlier version misstated the time frame.