JM Wowo Announces Supply Chain Finance Company

BEIJING, Aug. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wowo Limited (the “Company”) (NASDAQ:JMU), a leading B2B online e-commerce platform that provides integrated services to suppliers and customers in the foodservice industry in China, today announced that the Company is planning a supply chain finance company (“the finance company”) and has already recruited a team of talent to develop the business and begin trial operations.

The supply chain finance company will serve suppliers and purchasers on JM Wowo’s online marketplace by providing them orders factoring for accounts receivables and credit granting service on the platform. To better serve JM Wowo’s clients, the finance company will provide financing and leasing services to international source suppliers who make large commodity transactions on JM Wowo's online marketplace or supply large equipment to JM Wowo customers. For these corporate clients, the finance company will also connect them with banks for commercial paper, as well as provide some customized financial services for supply chain solutions.

The initiation and development of the supply chain finance business will not only equip JM Wowo’s online marketplace with better transaction service and user experience, but also contribute significantly to JM Wowo’s revenues and profit from this new business sector. Supply chain finance has a favorable market outlook in China and JM Wowo provides the following referable market information:

1. Account Receivables. According to China National Bureau of Statistics, net account receivables from China’s above-designated-size industrial enterprises increased to RMB10.52 trillion in 2014 from less than RMB0.3 trillion in 2005. Net account receivables increased 3.55 times over ten years with an annual compound growth rate of 15%. As an essential form of supply chain finance, the increasing scale of account receivables provides a solid ground for the development of supply chain finance.

2. Financing and Leasing. According to Wind Info and China Merchants Securities, the balance of financial leasing exceeded RMB3 trillion in 2014. Among that, the balance of financial leasing contracts has the largest scale, which accounted for 41% of the total leasing contract. The rapid development of financial leasing is favorable to companies who need specialized equipment on a large scale and is also meaningful to the growth of supply chain finance.

3. Commercial Paper. According to Wind Info, PBOC and China Merchants Securities, from 2009 to 2015, China’s issuance of commercial paper has increased steadily. In 2014, the amount of commercial paper issued exceeded RMB20 trillion. In the first half of 2015, the amount of commercial paper issued reached to RMB11 trillion. As commercial paper is an important form of supply chain business, China’s supply chain finance development is associated closely with China’s commercial paper issuance.

Lastly, driven by the development of accounts receivables, commercial paper and financing and leasing, China’s supply chain finance is showing rapid growth trend. According to industry reports from China Advance Industrial Research Institute, by 2020, the market scale of China's supply chain finance will increase to RMB14.98 trillion.

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About JM Wowo Limited

Wowo Limited currently operates China’s leading B2B online e-commerce platform that provides integrated services to suppliers and customers in the foodservice industry. With the help of Internet and cloud technologies, the Company has the vision to reshape the procurement and distribution pattern and build a fair business ecosystem in the catering industry in China. The Company is further promoting the use of its platform for small- and medium-sized restaurants and restaurant chains in China.

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